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Sunday Stash

on January 25, 2015

It’s been a while since I posted Sunday Stash. A lot has come through in that time. LOL. Here are some of my more recent additions…

I went a little overboard on the Craftsy New Year sale…

imageThis was the main reason for my purchase. I actually don’t have any moonshine in my stash. I really didn’t love it and there’s other stuff to buy. But when Craftsy marked down a complete fat quarter bundle to $55 I couldn’t pass that up!

imageI think we all know I have a bit of a crush on Ansonia. I had been hoping this would be the fabric for the new baby’s nursery, but alas, it is yet another boy. I never saw that coming, and this disappointment runs deep. But, Craftsy was selling these partial FQ bundles for $15 or so. I added them in the name of free shipping. I now have a half yard bundle, 2 partial fq bundles and several yardages. I need to find something to do with these soon! They are taking over.

imageThey also had kona solids for $3.60 a yard. You can’t beat that. And as we have learned previously, when they say yard, they mean a cut yard. So I did know I was getting one yard cuts. It still annoys me. But the 2 and 4 yard cuts were closer to $5 a yard. So, I sacrificed continuous yardage for the unbeatable price. I can easily use these yards in block piecing. You can also see on the right some TP Octos I got recently as well at $12 a yard.

imageThis is one of my new additions to my sewing room. I’ve gotten into the facebook yardsale groups and grabbed this up for $15 one day. It isn’t quite the size of the Closetmaid Cubicals so the fabric won’t fit standing up, but will lay flat. This is very heavy filled and I had to move it yesterday to pull out my cutting table and that was difficult. But I am running out of space in my sewing area. However, this did help me get a lot of fabric up off the floor.

Also of note in the two right hand cubes are many fabrics that I got at my LQS’s pre inventory clearance reduction sale. $2 a yard on the clearance room. No lie. I cleaned out several bolts. The Lotta Jansdotter squares will be featured next week in a quilt I made. 🙂

imagePerhaps the most exciting addition… A holiday gift from my mom. I am very excited and intimidated by my fancy new Juki. I’ll probably give it its own post soon….

imageAnd here is (some of) the fabric for the new baby’s room. I have put this off so long… When I had my first son, I was so excited to jump on making the nursery. This time I just don’t have that same excitement… It took a long time to even decide what to do and then to find and settle on some fabric for it. I’m still not really thrilled. I wanted some whales. I wasn’t able to stick to the color scheme I wanted. And these colors seem so similar to my son’s room…

The blue waves I got in the $2 sale. It’ll be the curtains. I cleared out the bolt – 8 yards. The sailboats I had to search hard for. I also got the crabs from the same line (Don’t be Crabby). I had basically given up on sewing at this point in my first pregnancy because I was so big and uncomfortable. I am only just about to get started this time. I am still doing ok (this is a smaller baby) as long as I sit frequently. Pressing and cutting can get hard on my back. But I have a lot to do and time is ticking down.


One response to “Sunday Stash

  1. Wow, you got a lot of great fabric deals. The one yard cuts are a bit disappointing, but you can never go wrong with kona solids in your stash, regardless. I think the fabric you have purchased for the baby’s room is really cute – the wave fabric is going to make great curtains!

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