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2016 Goals

on December 29, 2015

2015 has not been a productive year for me, in many respects, but especially in sewing and blogging. Readjusting to life with a new baby… there’s just things that take priority. Like sleeping, eating, using the bathroom, showering… and sometimes cleaning. Both my kids have been/are clingons so I don’t have free hands or time very often in the baby stage (and even after). And two is more than one! With one, when he napped or was busy I could get stuff done. Now I basically switch from one to the other and grab a bagel and a pee in between. But the little one is starting to have more independent time and he is starting to get mobile. We are starting to work on the sleeping. And the older one is in school. So, it all comes back to the goals. I am taking stock of where things are and where they need to be and how to get there. It is overwhelming.

1. The UFOs


It may be funny that I put this first, but honestly if I have one overriding goal in 2016 it is to tackle the ever growing pile of quilt tops I am amassing. There are a variety of reasons why I “abandon” a project at this stage, and usually a different reason for each one, but I need to make this a focus and a priority.

2. Learn to longarm

This has been a longtime goal. I have a past teacher/friend who has moved near me and has a longarm and has offered many times for me to come learn. I absolutely intend to take her up on this as things settle down in 2016. This should also help to chip away at item #1, above.

3. Get back to sewing

Well, duh, right? Other than a burst of deadline quiltmaking to get my Michael Miller challenge quilt (#quiltconreject) ready in time, I haven’t done much this year. I’ve more or less kept up with my block of the months (usually in three month marathons). I’ve been slowly making blocks for my cousin’s wedding ring quilt. I’ve managed to make some teacher and birthday gifts. But really, not a lot. I want more time sewing, more stuff getting done.

4. Get back to blogging

I’d been doing a pretty good job blogging and reading and making connections. That’s mostly all fallen apart this year. I need to find the time to sit and type at the computer as much as to sit and sew. And rebuild my online presence.

5. Clean. Declutter. Reorganize. Reduce.

And oh, this one is so big. When I named my blog, little did I know how true those words would be.


When I say it has all gone to hell, I am not kidding. So even when I do have the opportunity to sew, I walk into this and pretty much either start working on cleaning it or walk right out.

This is a theme for my house and my life right now. Other than the kids, the reason I am not sewing is that this is pretty much the state of my whole house. So when I have time, I feel I need to be cleaning, and even more importantly decluttering.

I kept a delicate balance in my home and adding another person, taking away the space that is now his room, taking away the time and ability I had to maintain and keep any order… it has all caused a perfect storm. This is the road to Hoarders, y’all. I am not kidding. I am so worried. One more life event before I get a handle on things, and that could be me so easily. I know it. So, I am working my way though my house. Trying to reduce, remove, declutter, sell, give away… None of this is easy for me but the overwhelming looming feeling I have when I look around is giving me the drive to tackle this. It means a lot for my house in general. It means less time to sew. And in my sewing room, it means I have to get rid of fabric. I need to use it, and I need to sell it. I just have to. I want to hold on to it all, but I can’t even work in there. I just shift piles from one surface to the other, then spend a lot of time looking for things I “just had”. It’s a waste and I have precious little time and energy to waste these days.

6. Storm at Sea

I throw this one out there for a stretch goal. When I started this blog, I wanted to pick one goal pattern to tackle every year that intimidated me. I did my kaleidoscope one year. I meant to do storm at sea last year, I believe. It didn’t even almost happen. So I’m throwing it out there again.

7. Put myself out there

Ok, one more. This is another hard one. I am so isolated. I’m being honest so far, so I can go all out, right? I said I  am a hoarder. I also have social anxiety. Badly. I have a hard time navigating new relationships. I need to. I have no friends. I want to try to bridge that gap with some people. I want to go to guild regularly. And, you know, actually talk to people there. Not just sit in a corner. I want to see if I can get a sewing circle or something to join. See people who can say more than a few word sentences that revolve around something other than bathroom habits. Y’know?

Thanks Yvonne, for giving me the excuse to sit down and write this. Even though it still took me a week to get it done. And I’ll probably think of 100 more goals once I hit post. 🙂

2016 Planning Party

7 responses to “2016 Goals

  1. Marly says:

    Good luck in meeting your goals. I recognise the hoarder issue; it’s my problem too! Someone once told me spring cleaning is easy – you just have to start in one corner of one room and work outwards. Every so often I have to remind myself, but I never find it easy. Let’s face it the easy thing is to turn around and pretend the mess isn’t there! So, you and I both, are going face reality and tackle our sewing room disorder!

  2. I know that feeling, like the house is just falling apart around your ears, right? Life with two little ones isn’t easy, especially if they’re clingy. Just remember that it gets easier as they get older! Good luck on your goals for the year 🙂

  3. Sarah Goer says:

    I appreciate how honest your post is. I’m sorry that you are feeling overwhelmed and I hope you find some better balance in your life moving forward. I love Peter Walsh and the Fly Lady for decluttering if you’re looking for resources.

  4. Jan O says:

    Best wishes in achieving your 2016 goals. With two little kids and a household to manage, it’s a wonder you ever get any time to think, let alone sew, blog, or socialize. I hope you find the social connection you’re looking for. A bee within your guild might be just the thing – works for me!

  5. Wendy says:

    Thanks for being so honest. I totally.get how you feel. I have social anxiety too and find it hard to make friends. I have one friend at work and one from my guild, but she’s emigrating next week and the thought of going to guild without her scares me. I’m going to follow your lead and make an effort to not just sit in the corner

  6. I wish you all the best in 2016 as you work toward all of these goals. I think your candor and honesty say a lot for how determined you are to meet these goals head-on. Thank you so much for linking up. 🙂

  7. Great goals! I hear you on the anti-social behaviour. Blogging allows me to socialize without leaving the house. I work outside my home and sometimes travel for my work which makes me want to spend more time in my home when I’m not away. I am a member of two guilds and I am hoping to be able to participate in both of them more often! My sewing room looked very similar to yours and I’ve been spending my vacation tidying up as well! And there’s still lots to do! Keep up the motivation! Looking forward to reading your blog 🙂

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