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Ooh. I’ve been quiet. I started right away on my pixel quilt in February. I wanted to make sure to finish it. If you haven’t done one, I recommend trying it. You wouldn’t think sewing a zillion little squares and rectangles together would be so cerebral (to use my new favorite Bachelor word) but it really is. I loved almost everything about making this top. I followed the class from Craftsy which taught me how to use a spreadsheet to calculate everything – from piece count to yardage. I love spreadsheets and they made the process so easy. Then I did all the cutting. That was not my favorite part, but didn’t take so long either. Then I worked the 16 blocks 2-3 at a time. I plotted them on my design board and puzzled through (literally) how to sew the pieces together in the best way. It was like a giant game of Sudoku. While my husband would read bedtime stories, and often after bedtime I would chain sew and press. If I had laid out the blocks ahead of time, I could usually get most of the two blocks put together during story time. Then I would finish up after bed or during nap and then get the next couplefew plotted.


The absolute #1 thing that helped that I am so glad I did is taking a picture of each layout before I started sewing. Then I was able to chain sew many at a time from multiple blocks and look at the picture to quickly and easily figure out how to place them all back together again for the next round of sewing.


I had the top finished by mid month and have just been waiting for the linky to open up to post about it. My son already loves it and doesn’t care at all that it is not a full blanket yet. He carries it around the house and wraps himself in it. I actually snuck it away and folded it up so it doesn’t get ruined before I can finish it. I have a back picked out and am just dragging my feet getting it ordered.


Then I got flu and not much has happened. I finished making my chevron squares yesterday and am trimming them up so I hope to get that top put together soon. I’m looking around for fabrics for the back of my bento. I have some oranges but I need some green. I had one picked out on sale but it went off sale while I was sick. Hoping it’ll go back on sale soon. Every now and then I cut some more squares for economy blocks, but haven’t started putting them together yet.

Here is my goal post for ALYOF February

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May review and June goals

I am very aware I have gone somewhat AWOL. Things have been a little wild here (not in a good way) the last couple weeks. I am sure I will do a post once I feel on firmer ground. The upshot is that no sewing has gone on. But here are my goals for the month:


May goals:


  1. Finish ribbon chevron top – border. Back? no.. sigh…
  2. Complete Ispy tops and backs for nephews. (finish tumbler quilt – back, quilt, bind; make second top) Finished one completely, did not start the other. Need to get cracking on that
  3. Bento Box back (no ideas on this) Nope, and still don’t know what to do with it. Any ideas?
  4. finish bloom bloom pow. (top, back, quilt and bind) Finished the top. Started the back.
  5. Finish cleaning and reorganizing sewing room It’s such a mess…
  6. May mystery border Had to notify them this will be late. It is a pretty block though.
  7. Pick off a few things for the city craft pinterest challenge  No.

Swaps –

  • waiting on abc blocks
  • waiting on tula pink rounds 3,4,5
  • send back Lizzy House jewels
  • send back jar i spy
  • open May f8 swap


  1. Get the baby’s swingset installed!!! This plays a small part in the drama. We may be tackling it next weekend or may just hire someone depending on how various things play out…
  2. Closet OH! I did start on this. I can actually see my floor now, and put away my winter clothes, but didn’t touch anything otherwise.
  3. Hang photos Same as it ever was….
  • Weight loss Well, Once I got home from the beach I started on My Fitness Pal, which is what my husband has been using to lose 30 pounds the last 5 months. I am mad watching him shrink away and nothing for me. It’s like that one commercial. So I joined and have been counting calories and tracking food and so far have lost 2 pounds (in less than a week). I hope to stick with it and continue to see progress.
  • Baby’s birthday party planning This has been such a nightmare. But it seems to be happening Sunday.
  • I have a lot of dr appts to make. I was actually going to do this today. And I really need to. We have 90 days to get these appointments in. (There’s a spoiler for you)
  • Read read read!

Here is the thing with going to the beach. I watch very little tv, I do almost no cleaning, so that leaves tons of time for sitting on the deck, listening to the water and birds (and construction lately) and read:



June goals:


  1. Finish ribbon chevron top – border. Back?
  2. Complete 2nd Ispy
  3. Bento Box back (no ideas on this)
  4. finish bloom bloom pow. (back, quilt and bind)
  5. baste and quilt twisted ispy
  6. Finish cleaning and reorganizing sewing room
  7. May mystery border
  8. June mystery border
  9. Pick off a few things for the city craft pinterest challenge

Swaps –

  • 2.5 square swap
  • waiting on tula pink rounds 6,7
  • jelly roll swap
  • send back konas
  • send back text swap
  • open June f8 swap


  1. Get the baby’s swingset installed!!!
  2. Closet
  3. go through baby’s toys
  4. guest bedroom
  5. garage
  6. laundry room
  7. Hang photos
  • Weight loss
  • update Baby’s baby book
  • I have a lot of dr appts to make.
  • investigate HTF to fly with a two year old
  • get our house and life back in order
  • Read read read!


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After spending a lot of time rearranging them and trying to settle on an order, I finally took some time to just bust through and get my ribbon quilt rows put together. I finished just before the sun went down, so I managed to grab some pictures.


This was modified from a tutorial by Ryan Walsh.  The fabrics are Gypsy Bandana and Botanika from Michael Miller. This quilt actually started out as a “use fabrics I already have” quilt. That’s part of why there are so many different colorways in it. But then, I didn’t have enough of most of what I had to get a row out of any of it, even with reducing the square size. So then I started buying more just so I could make the quilt. Oops. But it is a problem I have – I buy fabrics I love, but then when I go to make something, I don’t have anything that really goes together. And then there is the added problem that I never want to cut into those fabrics I really love. I have problems. I didn’t necessarily love Gypsy Bandana, and I had quite a few pieces of it, which is why I thought it would make a good project. But like I said, I ended up buying quite a bit more. Luckily a lot of it (including the yardage I bought for the back) was really good price clearance. And I had been buying bits here and there for months before I finally started cutting in January. It has taken me about three weeks to put this together.

Here is the part where I regale you with all of my imperfections. But actually, once it was put together, they weren’t as noticeable, which is a relief.


Points don’t quite match up


Points are short and/or overlapping


Seams don’t meet up


This is what drives me nuts about piecing. See how the patterns are going different directions? I want them all to meet up perfectly. It was pretty much impossible with this pattern, but it will bother me. I also had a really hard time choosing the order for the rows. I didn’t want the same prints next to each other, but then I didn’t want the same colors clumping together… In the end I chose color over pattern. The front ribbon patterns are less distinguishable than the background patters, so I kept the background patterns apart but the front patterns are lined up next to each other. That wasn’t really so much planned, but an outcome of trying to balance everything else. I still wish I could have worked out a way to get a bolder color on the bottom end, but every time I tried, the two white ribbon or two same backgrounds ended up next to each other , and that bothered me more. I eventually decided I just wanted to get it put together rather than spending the rest of my life rearranging ribbons. I think too much.

DSC_0233 DSC_0234

I intend to add a border in the near future. But, I am out of white, and I have to decide how to border it. I am kind of leaning toward a smaller ribbon or just a chevron going around, but haven’t really thought it through yet.


Now I am going to work on the back of my twisted I-spy. Then I have to pack up my machine and stuff for my Modern BOTM class Saturday morning!


These are the 2.5 inch squares I put together in the course of making this top.