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ALYOF September: 2 backs done

My goal for this month was to make a back for my economy block quilt.


Here is the back ~ (This isn’t the best picture. I don’t have large areas to lay things out).


I used 2 prints I had a lot of yardage for. One is the carnival print from Asbury. The other is the monochromatic clock print from Storybook Lane. I also (after much soul searching) sacrificed my precious Celebration fabric. This quilt is, in part, a graduation gift for my cousin (a little late lol) and she seemed appropriate, as did the fun carnival print.

I also finished the back for my Tula houndstooth quilt


Here is the back ~ (Again, I did the best I could. I actually hung it over my balcony and knelt outside my front door to get this picture.)


I soured the web for the Prince Charming raindrops last year when I started making this quilt. I was so scared I wasn’t going to have enough, but I have over a yard to spare plus some good sized scraps. The blocks are made from leftover blocks from the front. The layers are from the layer swap I was in last year. This is huge. It is 98×108. I have no idea how I am going to quilt it.

Here is my goal post.


ALYOF September: I need backs!

So, I know this isn’t sexy, but what I really need to be getting done are backs for all the quilt tops I have piling up, so that I can then finish the quilts! I do piece my backs, so it is a tiny bit of work, but I still tend to push them aside for all the other sewing I want to do. I need to focus on them.

I know I am only supposed to pick one item, so the most important back I need to make is the back for my econoblock:


I also would like to work on the back for my chevron:


And my Tula:



August ALYOF Finish

I’ve been out of town most of the month. So, like, nothing has been getting done. I finally managed to settle in and buckle down on my finish for the month. I am working on my Tula Pink Houndstoothy quilt top. I had finished the blocks back in April at Stash Bash then put them aside and not touched them. I thought it would be a good one for vacation since blocks are done and I just need to assemble, and we have a large garage floor here for me to lay it out on. I’m having problems finding large spaces at my house.

I ran into a slight problem. I had made 132 blocks, intending an 11×12 grid. As I was laying it out, I realized I had duplicated a couple of blocks. Ugh. As I am on vacation, I just brought what I needed and no extra fabric. So, I had to make a decision – either table it til I get home or pull a row. I didn’t want to miss my goal and I had a sneaking feeling if I didn’t get this done here, it would sit on a shelf for another several months again. So I opted to do 10×12, 120 blocks.


This top was born from many (many many) Tula Pink swaps. I was in something like 15 rounds of a Tula Pink layer swap, as well as a couple of charm swaps and a brick swap. I am in all these charm swaps, then have no idea what to do with them. I find simple square layouts boring. This pattern seemed a more interesting alternative. I had more than 100 different prints from the charm swap (there were a few duplicates) and filled in the rest from the brick swap. So I never even actually touched the hundreds of layers I had accumulated (not to mention my own large yardage collection). There may be many more Tula quilts in my future. I had intended also to represent all lines (up to foxfield) but as my charm assortment ultimately dictated my blocks, I am not actually sure I accomplished it. I’ll need to sit down and check. If I had broken into my layers, I would have been able to do it. I am also not sure how successful the rainbow gradient is. Again, if I had hand selected my prints I would have done a better job of it, but I limited myself to what was in the charm swap and did the best I could with it. I thought it made a better layout than random.

I will use the leftover blocks in the back, and I have several yards of the Prince Charming raindrop saved for the back. I am glad I have finally finished it. Am I the only one who doesn’t love a quilt design as much when I am done as when I started? I was so psyched to do this one and now I am kind of over it. lol. This happens a lot. Of course, I have been working on it for a year. I am quite proud to see that my points and lining up and all that are so much improved. I was very happy with how it turned out technically. And now it gets added to the ever growing pile of tops that need backs. I did bring a couple of those with me to work on. One can hope. 🙂


Here is my goal post

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August ALYOF: Tula top

Running behind this month – still not feeling well. I am going to be away a lot of this month, but I am hoping to bring my machine with me for part of it. So, while I have many things to work on, I am picking my Tula top as my finish for this month. I’ve been working on this one on and off for nearly a year, so it is time. My mom’s house has a huge garage where I can lay it out for ease of placement and assembly, so that’s why I think this is a good one to work on there. I also hope to get some backs and maybe my economy block done there as well. We’ll see.


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Tula Pink modified houndstooth WIP

So, as I’ve mentioned a few times, I’ve been in Mama Spark’s  Tula Pink layer cake swap for many months. We are on round 9, now, I think, and I only missed the first round since I hadn’t heard of it yet. I was also in another charm swap for TP prints. I have a huge stack of TP squares, not to mention my yardage. So I set out to do something with it. I am starting to feel like a hoarder with all these fabrics that I have but can’t use. Silly, right? Whenever I go to start a project, I look over my fabric and mentally eliminate at least half of it because it is “special” and can’t be used.


I decided to pick a pattern that would work easily with charms and showcase as many prints as possible. I selected what I’ve been calling the modified hounds tooth. They call it houndstooth, but it just isn’t. This is very easy to put together as long as you pay attention to your order. It is two squares and two hsts per block. My blocks are 8″ finished. I am – at this point – planning on 11×12 blocks, so 132 total. It’ll be queenish size. I’d love to keep going, because I have the fabric for it, but I am already terrified of quilting this thing eventually.

First 60ish blocks - floor of my sewing room

First 60ish blocks – floor of my sewing room

The problem I am already having is finding a place to lay it out. It takes up a ton of room! And while we have a roomy house, the rooms have furniture in them. I currently have it laid out on the floor of my living room with all the furniture pushed to the walls, and it still isn’t big enough! I’m going to pick it up for a while though, because we are about to do a few more rounds of the swap and some really cool prints are swapping through now. I have almost 100 (98 I think?) blocks made already, so that only leaves a few more. I am going to have such a hard time narrowing down these fabrics, though some of my choices will be made by color – I need more yellow, for sure. I was hoping to be able to get most of the fabrics represented, but that is certainly not going to happen. And her next release has been announced already! Wow. Well, I have the fabric to make many more, I guess, but I was planning on having this one for me, and was really hoping to have it for the winter. I think that’s a long shot, though.

This pattern can be found in Quilty. It’s floating around on Pinterest and they also have a Quilty video for it. I don’t remember which issue it was – I am not at home right now – but like I said, it is really easy to do. I chained, pressed and trimmed about 40 blocks at a time.

Laid out on my living room floor - about 100 blocks done.

Laid out on my living room floor – about 100 blocks done.


OMG! I can finally join again!!