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Stash Bash registration is open!

First, I want to mention that for a while there I had some normalcy and was getting regular time to post (and sew). Then, things got rough with my son again and my time and attention has been preoccupied with him. I have completed my stack the deck front and back and have been working on my aunt’s quilt and some swap blocks. I also got my Tula swap back today and can work more on that top. So, I have posts to come when I get a chance.

But really, I want to plug Stash Bash. Registration opened today. I went last year on a whim, knowing no one and a as new quilter. That was very hard for me, but I am glad I did. I had a great time and am really looking forward to (and registered for!) next year. I feel like it is a great value. There are many accommodation choices, and everything is included except travel. The food is great. The scenery is beautiful; the sewing room is 50% window and looks out over a lake. We had Beth from Stash Modern Fabric on site and also took a field trip to Scarlet Thread. Iron and cutting stations were provided (though I recommend you bring your tools, leave your iron). We tried to do design walls unsuccessfully. I think they have a new plan for that this year. There are three meals a day and water, tea and coffee provided at all times. You can also bring drinks and snacks and we did a party one night. Unlike many other retreats, it is very laid back. We were in sweats and PJs most of the time. Other than meals, there are no time requirements. We got up, slept and sewed at our leisure. There were some pop up tutorials and activities that happened, usually with plenty of warning to schedule around. We did some swaps and games. But mostly hung out and sewed. If you want to read more about my time there (including my all nighter to finish my “it only takes an hour” bento box) click on the stash bash tag. If you are interested or want more information, feel free to message me or Chris!

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