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Tessellated Leaves Blog Hop

Hello! Welcome to my stop on the Tessellated Leaves Blog Hop! Thanks for stopping by.


In a past life I used to teach Art and one of my favorite projects to do with my 5th graders was to study Escher’s tessellations. So when I saw Quilting Jetgirl Yvonne’s tessellated leaves pattern it brought back all kinds of memories and I was intrigued to try it in fabric form.

When she announced her new pattern and asked for testers I signed on. The quilt actually looks a lot more complicated than it really is, which is how I like them! I made the 4 color lap size quilt. It finishes at a perfect throw size at 60×72.


Yvonne was very generous with her fabric estimates for the lap size. I was left with about ten inches for each color. This is good because it gives me a little extra for my stash. Also, I misread my ruler and cut a strip too small at one point, so I had plenty of extra to cover that error.


I had to make 30 blocks (120 quarter blocks) and I worked on about ten at a time. Due to various errors, I had a few to fix up at the end. One of my fabrics was easy to mix up right and wrong sides so I needed to redo some blocks for that reason. The first set of blocks, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the fact that it matters which side you put your hsts on. I had a few where I flipped the HST pointing the wrong way…. So, It is good to pay attention to how to assemble your blocks! Once I got through that first batch, it was much smoother sailing with the rest of them.

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

My time with this quilt was not without various issues. I took a lot of pictures through these steps, and then my phone fried in a storm. I had to totally replace it and lost everything. Somehow, I was able to recover a couple pictures, but not many.


Once I had my blocks assembled, I spent an entire day getting the top completed. I was on a roll. And then I went to spread out my finished top and look at it all put together…. and it was covered in glops of white goo. I still have no idea what the goo is or how it got on there. I was so devastated. Then I spent the evening trying to get it out. I had to scrape it off and tried scrubbing the spots with warm water and toothbrush, but you can actually see the goo in the fabric weave. It looks better, but it is there.

IMG_1931 image

I selected the Lotta Jansdotter grey squares that I got from the clearance bin of my LQS for my backing and I just love how it complements my fabrics.  I usually like to piece the back too but for time’s sake I chose not to. I also forgot to add a label.


Again, time played a role in my quilting decision. I usually like more quilting, but let the pattern and time lead me. I quilted diagonal lines through the center of the leaves. It makes a large diamond pattern. It is hard to see the quilting through the black and white leaves in the pictures, but it is there! I used grey Aurifil for all my piecing and quilting.


I wasn’t sure how I was going to bind it, but as I looked over my fabrics this awesome black and grey Benartex fabric jumped out at me and I knew it was the one.


This is the first time I have ever made an entire quilt from cutting to binding in less than a month. It feels good to know I can do that. I pretty much didn’t work on anything else, though the holidays and travel were factors as well. If I didn’t have that going on, I may have been able to do it quicker.

IMG_1971 IMG_1970

I had every intention of giving this quilt as a gift, but now I am completely in love with it. I love the colors and the backing and the binding and everything together. I just might have wished I did a little more quilting on it.


The pattern is now available for purchase in her payhip store, and if you buy it this week, you can get it for only $6, which is a great price. This deal ends on the 31st.

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This quilt was also my January finish for ALYOF –

Here is my goal post


Sunday Stash

It’s been a while since I posted Sunday Stash. A lot has come through in that time. LOL. Here are some of my more recent additions…

I went a little overboard on the Craftsy New Year sale…

imageThis was the main reason for my purchase. I actually don’t have any moonshine in my stash. I really didn’t love it and there’s other stuff to buy. But when Craftsy marked down a complete fat quarter bundle to $55 I couldn’t pass that up!

imageI think we all know I have a bit of a crush on Ansonia. I had been hoping this would be the fabric for the new baby’s nursery, but alas, it is yet another boy. I never saw that coming, and this disappointment runs deep. But, Craftsy was selling these partial FQ bundles for $15 or so. I added them in the name of free shipping. I now have a half yard bundle, 2 partial fq bundles and several yardages. I need to find something to do with these soon! They are taking over.

imageThey also had kona solids for $3.60 a yard. You can’t beat that. And as we have learned previously, when they say yard, they mean a cut yard. So I did know I was getting one yard cuts. It still annoys me. But the 2 and 4 yard cuts were closer to $5 a yard. So, I sacrificed continuous yardage for the unbeatable price. I can easily use these yards in block piecing. You can also see on the right some TP Octos I got recently as well at $12 a yard.

imageThis is one of my new additions to my sewing room. I’ve gotten into the facebook yardsale groups and grabbed this up for $15 one day. It isn’t quite the size of the Closetmaid Cubicals so the fabric won’t fit standing up, but will lay flat. This is very heavy filled and I had to move it yesterday to pull out my cutting table and that was difficult. But I am running out of space in my sewing area. However, this did help me get a lot of fabric up off the floor.

Also of note in the two right hand cubes are many fabrics that I got at my LQS’s pre inventory clearance reduction sale. $2 a yard on the clearance room. No lie. I cleaned out several bolts. The Lotta Jansdotter squares will be featured next week in a quilt I made. 🙂

imagePerhaps the most exciting addition… A holiday gift from my mom. I am very excited and intimidated by my fancy new Juki. I’ll probably give it its own post soon….

imageAnd here is (some of) the fabric for the new baby’s room. I have put this off so long… When I had my first son, I was so excited to jump on making the nursery. This time I just don’t have that same excitement… It took a long time to even decide what to do and then to find and settle on some fabric for it. I’m still not really thrilled. I wanted some whales. I wasn’t able to stick to the color scheme I wanted. And these colors seem so similar to my son’s room…

The blue waves I got in the $2 sale. It’ll be the curtains. I cleared out the bolt – 8 yards. The sailboats I had to search hard for. I also got the crabs from the same line (Don’t be Crabby). I had basically given up on sewing at this point in my first pregnancy because I was so big and uncomfortable. I am only just about to get started this time. I am still doing ok (this is a smaller baby) as long as I sit frequently. Pressing and cutting can get hard on my back. But I have a lot to do and time is ticking down.


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ALYOF: Super secret January goal

I can’t say much about my January goal. I am working on a pattern test, and must have the complete quilt done by the end of the month.  I had hoped to have the top done by the time I got back from vacation (this weekend) but apparently that was ambitious. I was making good progress til all the family arrived and we started playing games and going to movies and stuff like that. And my increasingly heavy belly is really slowing me down. If I manage to get a little more sewing time in, I’ll have roughly half of the blocks done by the time I head back.

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek


2014 ALYOF Finishes!

It is that time where I make a bunch of posts recapping last year and looking ahead to this year. First up, my finishes for 2014 ALYOF. For how unaccomplished I feel last year was, I actually met 11 of my 12 goals.


1. December – Completed Anchors Aweigh quilt
Goal post
Finish post

2. November – Completed Kaleidoscope top
Goal post
Finish post

3. October – Finished economy block quilt
goal post
Finish post

4. September – Finished back for economy block quilt (and Tula Houndstooth quilt)
Goal post
Finish post

5. August – Finished Tula Houndstooth top
Goal post
Finish post

6. July – Finished Economy block top
Goal post
Finish post

7. May – Finished Piggy weighted quilt
Goal post
Finish post

8. April – Finished Bento Block quilt
Goal post
Finish post

9. March – Finished Block of the Month top
Goal post
Finish post

10. February – Finished Piggy top
Goal post
Finish post

11. January – Finished Stack the Deck quilt
Goal post
Finish post

My one failure was in June when I attempted to finish my anchor quilt the first time. I later finished it in December.

Here’s to more in 2015!