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Day 1… didn’t go well

**This is going to get gross toward the end. You’ve been warned



So I started out with my smoothie. And by “started out” I mean it was probably about 1:30 when I finally got around to it. I don’t normally eat til the baby goes down for his nap, and that never causes me a problem normally. I made the spotted peach smoothie. At first, I wasn’t so sure about it. It didn’t taste horrible, but certainly wasn’t what you get at Smoothie King. I did finish it, though it took a couple of hours. That is a lot to drink… especially when it isn’t something you love. But in all honesty, I filled a jar with water and barely managed to finish that over many hours as well. It is just a lot! Oh, and that spout is sadly useless.

I took a picture of my packed fridge: We have a lot of stuff for this week. This is another problem I have with food. It goes bad. It doesn’t last long. And I know that all those preservatives are exactly what I want to get away from, but I hate the waste when stuff goes bad.







So for lunch (at about 3) I pulled out my food processor. That thing is heavy! And I wasn’t really sure how it all fit together. I was already starting to not feel great and was cranky and shaky. I almost cried over trying to put it together, but ultimately I must have figured it out because I got it to work.





This is my lunch – Cauliflower Tubbleh and what I thought was lettuce, but I think was really cabbage. You can see my water and smoothie in the back. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping. I think I over did it on the garlic. Which usually I love garlic, but it really didn’t sit well.

Well, by this point the baby was ready for another nap, and I really wasn’t feeling well. I had a killer headache, I was shaky, cold, and just not feeling well. I took a hot shower and got in bed and slept for a couple of hours. I woke when I heard the baby. And I felt awful. Shaky, weak, cold, nauseated, I could barely lift the baby. I thought maybe I needed food and was weak from not eating so much, but honestly, I don’t eat much more than that normally, just not as healthily, and I wasn’t hungry. I felt sick. I just wanted to crawl back in bed. I sat and stared for a while while my husband made his dinner and the baby played on the floor. I finally decided I needed to get up and get some food in me, as much as I didn’t want to.

I didn’t get too far. I couldn’t stand long at the counter. I kept giving up and sitting back down. Then I started making trips to the bathroom. Lots of them. And it was gross. When my stomach still wasn’t settled, I ended up vomiting into the tub as I was on the toilet. Then I did some more. I have to be honest, that helped. I felt a little less sick after that. By this point, my husband was pretty worried, making my dinner for me, and telling me he thinks I need to back off of this. I did eat my dinner, a pretty good minestone quinoa soup, but I couldn’t even think of making another smoothie. Just the thought send me running to the bathroom. I drank water and ultimately did break down and have quite a few saltines to settle my stomach.

Now I don’t know what to do. Today I don’t feel quite as sick, but my headache is near unbearable. I did a lot of reading on juice fasts and know that this sort of reaction is common. But I wasn’t expecting it with this. It is not as strict, it isn’t like I’ve never had veggies before. I eat a lot of veggies. And, I mean, it hadn’t even been 24 hours. I was really shocked to have such a violent reaction. I am also in serious withdrawl from my only drug, and that isn’t helping any.

I don’t want to give up. I hate giving up. I am stubborn and stick through crazy things. I had reasons for doing this. I know that my body is reacting and that is the whole point, but boy it feels awful. And I have all that produce that I have to eat. So, I made my smoothie earlier this morning. But I am still not even halfway through it. It is really slow going. I think I will try a salad for lunch and see where things are by dinner. I have my minestrone leftover. I don’t want another night like last night. I didn’t get anything done yesterday. It was terrible.

I also get creeped out by coincidences… I had both of these articles in my email this morning:



Here’s hoping today goes better. I need to finish this smoothie soon though…. I am not sure I can get through two a day. I don’t know how I ever thought I was going to do a juice fast.


Cleaning up the cleaning supplies…

My green focus for the year is detoxification. I want to start moving all the toxins out of our house (and my body) and start educating myself and using more natural choices. I decided I may as well start with the kitchen.

Here is what I use to clean 90% of the time:


I figured it probably wasn’t perfect and was a lot of fancy labeling, but I was a little surprised to see it got an F from the EWG. I am still not entirely sure why. Most of the ingredients get A. It is the non descript “coloring, perservatives and fragrance” that give it an F. It is unknown if it is tested on animals. So, if my “good” cleaner gets an F…. time for a change. They do have better scoring cleaners, but let’s get down to basics. Then we know exactly what we are dealing with.

I have been doing a lot of research. The most recent blog I have gotten my information from is liverenewed.com, where I am currently following her green in 365 days series. But for this post, I am using 31 days to green clean. If I come across other sites I use, I will link those as well. So, my kitchen is a mess. It was errand day, and I thought no time like the present. So the kidlet and I trekked out today to a variety of places in part in search of cleaning ingredients.

Well, first I stopped at a little new thrift store that opened up down the street. We are mysteriously short on knives, and I have a sudden, inexplicable desire for mason jars. We didn’t find either of those there, but dude had a featherweight. For $5! I didn’t get it. I didn’t think it was worth carrying the item to the car. And further research has shown me that it will probably cost me more to repair this thing than to buy one in working condition. The belt was broken, the cord was frayed and covered in electrical tape, it was rusted throughout, it was missing part of the base. *sigh* He didn’t really know what it was – “an old Singer” that he got in a storage auction that he’s had for years. Ugh. Tell me I need to go back for it!

Then we checked My Favorite Fabric Store. Which has been anything but lately…. If’n they ever start selling the quilting cotton again, I will do a post about them.   But I used to drop a lot of money every week there, and I haven’t spent a dime in months. They are like a big fabric hunt hit or miss. I am actually in withdrawal. It’s been all apparel fabric lately.

Then we hit Dollar Tree. I was kind of surprised they did not have my shopping list items there. No baking soda or vinegar, etc… But what I did find were a variety of microfiber cloths, towels and bar mops.  We are in mid transition to cloth rather than paper products. I mainly use kitchen towels to clean and cloth napkins, but my husband is still pretty married to paper towels – for cooking, cleaning and napkins. I keep trying to encourage him to avoid them, but he keeps buying them. I also got some spray bottles. I have read criticism about using plastic, particularly from places like Dollar Tree, but I am taking one thing at a time. Once I have the cleaning down I will start investigating the containers. For now, we aren’t microwaving it or eating out of it, so I am not too worried.

Cloths from Dollar Tree: $1/1-3, Spray bottles: $1, Parmesan container: I am a container hoarder.

Cloths from Dollar Tree: $1/1-3, Spray bottles: $1, Parmesan container: I am a container hoarder.

Well, now we’d been doing a lot of running around, and I was getting tired of the car seat. I had wanted to go to Goodwill for knives and mason jars, but they were a lot further away (All these other stores were all in the same area) and wouldn’t have the cleaning supplies. So I opted instead to stay focused on our main purpose and stopped instead at Walmart, which we passed on the way back home. Here, I collected baking soda, washing soda, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol (both of which we probably already had, but, you know), natural dish soap, knives (2/$1), and mason jars ($10/12. I can probably do better at thrift stores and will continue to look, but it’s a start).

Vinegar (on hand), Baking Soda: $2.24, Washing Sida: $3.24, Alcohol: $.97, Peroxide: $.88 and $1.23, Dish soap: $2.97

Vinegar (on hand), Baking Soda: $2.24, Washing Sida: $3.24, Alcohol: $.97, Peroxide: $.88 and $1.23, Dish soap: $2.97

I knew we had a big jug of vinegar at home already, and I had trouble finding it at walmart. I also asked no less than THREE people where the Castile Soap is, not including Siri, and they all looked at me like I had three heads. Not only did they not know where it was, they didn’t know WHAT it was. So, I will have to keep looking for that. Once I got home, I noticed my baking soda has a huge gouge in the bottom. You can see some of the loss on the table. I have it in a ziplock now. Oh well.

Here are my new cleaning supplies (s0 far):


1/2 vinegar. 1/2 water all purpose spray
Baking Soda shaker

Well, it’s too late to clean now! LOL I will let you know how it goes. 😉

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