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Sunday Stash

Despite my attempts to stay away, the sales keep getting me… My two favorites are up this week.



I caved on the craftsy Tula Foxfield class. I am a little skeptical because this is not a video class but a “workshop”. Hmm. Oh well, everyone else is doing it. Then while I was debating signing up they did a clearance on some of their fabric. I was only 11 dollars away from free shipping so rather than waste the shipping money, I tossed in a FQ pack. It was only $1 a FQ!! Oy. What am I going to do with all these precuts Craftsy keeps talking me into? What am I going to do with all those chevrons? Right now – looking pretty with the other precuts.


I also finally – FINALLY – bought the eyedrops I’ve been meaning to get to use for the binding on my Tula “houndstoothish” quilt (which still isn’t put together either). I had my eye on it in an online shop and realized they were selling out and wanted to grab it while I could. I also bought them out of the other two prints – both of which I already have yardage of – while I was at it. Well, what I thought was going to be a gold eye drop print turned out to really be much more of a green. It doesn’t show real well in the photos. Now I am not sure it is going to be what I want. I’ll make a decision when I get to that point. But at least I have it.


And Pink Castle ran a sale on Lizzy House. (well, Andover). Again, I already had both of these but had to grab them. I am about to use the twinkle in my next top so it doesn’t hurt to have more anyway, and the ghosts are just the cutest. I didn’t get bracelets, which I probably could use more than these, but, you know, trying to be good….




2013 BOM “commitments”

Well, my inability to say no and my eagerness may have gotten me into a bit of a predicament. I have very many block of the month programs that I want to follow. I have the best of intentions, I really do. But I know with minimal accountability when other things come up, some of these will fall to the side. Hopefully not, but we will see.

1. I have signed up for a monthly modern BOM class at my local quilt shop. Two blocks a month. This has the highest level of accountability since I will be there in person. And it cost me a freaking fortune. So I will be doing this one. However, I am already missing the first class since I am out of town. *sigh*

2. I will continue to participate in the 3×6 bee which results in 6-7 blocks every 3 months. I make the same block for 6 different people in their colors, but my fabrics. I like that aspect of this bee as opposed to traditional bees where you send your fabric. I still have some issues with the concept and ownership of a bee, which I am sure will be a blog post at some point, but for now I will just say that I do enjoy the surprise and randomness factor. And I am not someone who likes surprises. It is fun to give up a little control and see the result. As this one requires me to be responsible to other people, I will keep up with this as well.

3. I signed up for the Quilts from my Crayon Box mini mystery quilt. I plan to use this in conjunction with my 3×6 blocks. Again, as this requires me to do for others, I will keep up with this. It is a half year commitment.

4. I paid to join Don’t Call me Betsy’s Lucky Stars BOM. I am a little nervous about this since it is paper pieced. But hopefully I will give it a shot and it won’t be too bad.

5. I intend to simultaneously do the Craftsy 2012 and 2013 BOM classes. That’s 4 blocks!

6. I am considering doing the Sister’s Ten BOM.

7. I am also considering signing up for Stitchery Dickory Dock’s Sugar Block club. That costs a little bit too. And I am not sure what the piecing is like.

8. I would also love to pick up the Grandmother’s Choice block of the week, but I have already missed several weeks of that… I just hope she makes it into a book as well. I love all the historical information.

I think that is all. LOL. I am going to have a million sampler blocks floating around. I intend to do all of these from my stash/scrappy.