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Saturday Swap #5

The second round of the mini quilt swap (but the first I participated in) just concluded. This swap consisted of 600 swappers! Can you imagine? I am pushing it when I have 16 in my swap.

The partner I was sending to gave a lot of information about her likes and dislikes. She mentioned both Joel Dewberry and Kate Spain (among many others). Unfortunately, my Joel Dewberry swap is still in progress, but I still had plenty to draw from my own stash. I found I had some prints from each designer that worked well together. My only concern was that the colors I was using were not really specifically mentioned in her likes. I just took a chance that designers are more important than colors. She also mentioned she liked Jaybird quilts, so I ordered the mini northern lights pattern and mini ruler.

Because I was so scared she wouldn’t like it, I also made my chicken pincushion and wallet. These are becoming my standard swap extras. I also included some fat quarters and washi tape and other goodies.


My beautiful swap came from Jessica.  She was clearly concerned it was going to escape.

imageimage image

She clearly picked up on the Tula Pink love, as well as my favorite colors. I don’t have a lot of foxfield, so I am very happy to have this sampling of the prints.


She also spoiled me in extras. So much so that I feel like I didn’t send enough now! She made me a darling bag out of Waterfront Park, which I’ve been crushing on lately, and in the colors that didn’t come in my fat quarter pack. Check out the zipper pull!


and lots of other goodies.


I may have eaten some of the chocolate.


Your turn! What are you swapping this week?

Here are the link up rules:

1. Link up a post about a recent fabric, block or hand made item swap. You may share both what you sent and received. You may also post about an upcoming swap you are hosting.

2. In the post, link up back here to my blog.

3. (Assuming there are multiple linkups, we are still new) Comment on a few other links!



Wip Wednesday: Whole lotta wips going on

So I’ve felt very scattered. I am working on many things at a time. My sewing room and cutting table are a cluttered mess. This is why I often scale back on bees and swaps, but I have myself in a bunch of them right now, and there are a lot of July deadlines.



I am working on the supernova friendship swap. We are working with Nordika. I am loving these blocks, and can’t wait to have them all together! My swap mate is Rachael and she lives in the UK! We were late to join, took time to make a plan, and time for her fabric to get to her, so I am actually making two blocks and sending them together. Check out my bias seam line! I’m getting a lot of practice at this (and getting better!) because….

Mini Quilt Swap


I am also in the mini quilt swap. I am not going to say much about this as my partner is still meant to be secret. The above is my mini quilt top, done with the mini northern lights pattern. As you can see, many seams to line up there! Most were dead on. I did rip and redo a couple rows, and there are a few that are off a tiny bit, but overall I did a good job.


Scrappy Trip Bee

I am working on my trip blocks for my bee. These are three of the six. I was given colors to work with and am pulling from my stash to make them. I can’t believe I am working on another one of these so soon, but again, I couldn’t resist joining. I have a strict color scheme for my blocks. These blocks are quick and fun to make so why not? And good chance to use my stash.

Anchors Aweigh

Well, I didn’t think I would finish my ALOYF goal this month, but I honestly didn’t think I would be this far behind. My quilt is basted and I am still buckling down how I am going to quilt it. I started practicing some designs, and I am a little discouraged. This is going to take a lot of practice and I am especially nervous with how big this quilt is. It is a lot of quilt to be pushing around smoothly through complicated quilting. This is supposed to be done for my mom’s birthday in July, but I just don’t know right now… I don’t want to go with simpler quilting, but I don’t want to ruin it being too ambitious or rushed either.


Sunday Stash: And now for something completely different

OK, First of all, I deserve a freaking medal for resisting this one this week:


And they had free shipping on top of that! I almost caved, but by that point most of it had sold out so I decided to just Let It Go!!

So, as I’ve mentioned in my “ignoring my deadlines” Wednesday posts, I needed to buckle down and figure out what I am doing about some of these swap projects I signed up for. I am not sure how much I can say (since it is a secret partner swap) but my schnitzel and boo mini quilt is at the top of the stress list. I thought it was a mid July deadline, but it isn’t. It’s the beginning of the month. So, using my partner’s likes and comments and changing my mind a lot, I finally chose a pattern – Jaybird Quilts Northern Lights. But I needed to get it!

So I packed up the kidlet and headed out to my LQS first thing Monday morning to see if they carry it. I knew they had the large pattern and ruler, so I hoped maybe they would have the minis as well. Well, they didn’t, but they could order it for me. So I had them do that and sweated the wait.

Thursday afternoon I picked them up. The clearance room is getting refilled (they wiped it out a couple months ago) and there are some good things in there, but nothing I was willing to jump on fabric wise. I’m trying to pretend to be good. However,  I did pick up a couple of clearance patterns.


Back in the day, before I had the guts to quilt, I used to make doll clothes. I loved the ModKid doll clothes patterns. I really don’t make real people clothes, but I thought the chef set would be darling for the kidlet someday when he is into dress up. And, you know, why not get the skirt? I’ll never make it. I don’t even know if it’ll fit. But there it is. I want to know what she is looking at with such hopeful amusement.

DSC_0422 DSC_0426DSC_0425

(Back in the day sewing)

They also have these fun buttons. I wanted some of them a few months ago, but didn’t get them and they sold out. So I grabbed a few this time. They are different sayings this time around, but I like these too.


And, here is the whole point of my post – My new mini patterns and mini ruler and a sneak peek at my mini quilt (in progress) –



And don’t forget to look for my mini quilt (and link yours!) in a future