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Sunday Stash

First off, here is my fat quarter Far Far Away pack from Massdrop that I mentioned last time:



Also admire my new cutting mat. I had to get a new one because my old one warped on my trip back from Florida. 😦 Fortunately, Joann’s had a 50% off coupon waiting for me. I couldn’t remember when I got to the store what size my mat was, and the ones I thought it was looked too small. So I ended up accidentally upgrading. I now have a 36″ mat. And it is wonderful.



A friend of mine was destashing some (a lot) of her excess fabric due to life expenses. I grabbed up these cool prints. I tried to resist, but she gave a great deal, and it was for a good cause. There was more I wanted and didn’t get. 🙂


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Sunday Stash: Far Far Away overdose

So, back when I was just getting back into sewing, and expecting my son, I hated all the sport/vehicle/tool stereotypical themes.  I was determined to do a fantasy theme nursery. After not finding anything suitable for purchase, I set out to make my own. This is when I first discovered some of my favorite designers. It was not an easy search finding what I wanted – sadly, in part because I didn’t know how to go about looking. It should have been an easier search than it was… I first came across Lizzy House’s Castle Peeps, which were just perfect for what I wanted. But it was missing two things- Dragons and Unicorns. I wanted a very specific kind of dragon – not a scary one, more fat and friendly, and one that would go well with Castle Peeps. I finally came across Timeless Treasures Happy Dragons. All that was left was the unicorn. This proved to be quite difficult. Especially since once I found exactly what I wanted, nothing else would do. Heather Ross’s Far Far Away. Which at that point was already extremely hard to find and expensive. I think I paid $30 for the yard I secured and it took me a long time to convince myself I should. (Some day I’ll learn I never regret buying fabric. Well, almost.) I also did end up with another 3/4 yard piece as well.

With these fabrics, I created my first complete quilt since I was 14 (and that was a mini). I chose a rag quilt because I was so insecure about quilting and binding. It looks a mess to me now, but I cover my son every night with it. I also made a bedskirt, sheets, curtains, and decorations. Some of it wasn’t done til well after he was born (I was wide as I was tall, and standing to work got very uncomfortable).

So, now that I’ve gone on and on about this, it is probably no surprise how psyched I was to learn FFA was being rereleased. First, Heather Ross offered a preorder on her site that I got in on (I got the Briar Rose preorder pack last year too).

image It is a full half yard pack with a print and pattern.

Then I used a frequent shopper coupon to snatch up some yardage at my LQS

imageAnd I also have a massdrop fat quarter pack coming my way.

A little overboard? Hmmm…..

Here are some more pictures of my son’s nursery… Though it’s evolved a bit in 3+ years…

IMG_0709(It was a race to get that embroidery done by his first birthday. I worked on it for months and was up all night the night before.)

DSC_0350 DSC_0352