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ALYOF May Finish: Bad Piggies Pixel quilt


I completed my May goal – my bad piggies quilt. I made it a weighted quilt. I thought I had taken more pictures throughout the process, but I guess I didn’t. So I will do the best I can to describe how I made it.


The back is just an angry birds print in blue featuring the pigs. I sandwiched and basted as normal.

The quilt was made up of 16 blocks, each block was 8×8 pixels. So I decided to stitch in the ditch every 4 pixels (approx. 8 inches) to create my pockets. That made 64 pockets to fill. So, I started by stitching the vertical lines. Then I stitched down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side, leaving the top open.


I used a new marking pen to mark the lines. They are supposed to iron out. Of course, it didn’t occur to me to question if it would work until after I had marked most of my quilt. I held my breath and hoped it would disappear. It did! What a relief. I have heard the lines can reappear in the cold. We will just hope that doesn’t happen.


I used poly pellets for the weighting. They had them on sale when I got them. They are 2 pound bags. The rule of thumb for weight is 10% of the person’s weight + 1 lb. My son is roughly 30 pounds so that would be 4 pounds. How delighted was I to discover 4 pounds = 64 ounces? (Yes, I really didn’t know that til I did the math.) So, that meant one ounce per pocket. I diligently weighed out my ounces on my scale. However, for some reason I couldn’t get exactly one ounce to register on the scale so I alternated between .9 and 1.1 ounces. It worked out fine.

I poured each ounce of pellets into each of the 8 columns I created in the quilt. I placed them between the batting and the top of the quilt, figuring there should be some cushioning on the back. Then I held it over my balcony and shook shook shook the pellets to the bottom. Some words of warning: they will not all go obediently to the bottom. They get all stuck in the seams. I did my best to push them down to the bottom, but it wasn’t worth the effort. I figured it would all work out. After I was satisfied with the shaking I sewed the horizontal row. Then I repeated for the next column.


There were also many needle casualties as a result. Again, I did my best to clear the seams as I went along, but there were several times I hit a pellet. Sometimes the needle broke, sometimes it just got jammed up inside a pellet. I ended up taking my plate off a couple times to retrieve needles. Wow. Look what I found under the bobbin case.


Ick. So, my machine got a good cleaning too. Let me also tell you, 4 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot (especially when I am hauling a 30 pound baby around throughout the day) but it is HEAVY. This quilt is heavy.  Once I had worked my way to the top row of the quilt, I sealed off the top and bound it with a different angry bird print in black.

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Linking also to the FAL

Here is my goal post: https://drowninginfabric.wordpress.com/2014/04/10/finish-along-q2/


Sunday Stash: Nordika

I’ve decided to participate in the Supernova Friendship swap as one of the million swaps I joined lately (what am I thinking?). I’ve paired up with Rachael of The Floral Suitcase. She’s in the UK! So I am planning all kinds of goodies to include in the swap. We kind of randomly found each other, but we have a lot of common taste, luckily. After a flurry of emails we have settled on working with Nordika for our swap.

I’ve loved Nordika from the start, but haven’t had excuse to get it yet. So I am so excited to now have the entire collection (plus some solids) in my possession.


(excuse the mess from my economy blocks in the background)

I got a half yard of each, so hopefully I will still have leftovers as well after this project. I was excited I was able to still find it all. I am looking forward to digging in, but we still have to pick our background!



Wip Wednesday

With my son’s piggy quilt done (post to come) I got to turn my attention to my many WIPs piling up.

First of all, I need to make about 100 quilt backs. That’s probably going to become a big push in the near future. The finished tops are piling up as I move on to the next project and the next project. I need to get some of these finished. One of the more pressing ones is my chevron top which I am giving to a friend as a thank you. I had my eye on some fabric for the back, and purchased it when the shop finally offered a sale. While they said they had 10 yards in stock, I received barely two. Why does this keep happening to me? So, I’ve found the fabric one other place but for a lot of money. I am ruminating on what to do about this. In the meantime, I am playing with the leftover blocks to use in the back as well.


I’ve also been continuing to work more aggressively on my economy blocks. I think I am putting too much thought into this.


My machine keeps munching on the corners of the triangles.


Squaring up has to be one of my least favorite things to do, so while I was motivated to do it, I started working on my Tula blocks as well. Those are actually coming in fairly accurate. A little short if anything… hmm….

imageI’ve joined about a million project swaps this month too. I think I am a little stressed.




Blogger’s Quilt Festival entry – Citrus Bento

I am excited to enter my Citrus Bento quilt into the Blogger’s quilt festival.

Citrus Bento

Citrus Bento


It is 90 x 66″ (312″ around) in the bento box pattern. I followed a tutorial from Quilts of Love.

Citrus Bento back

Citrus Bento back


I pieced the back from bricks and layers in leftover and complementary fabrics.  The rest of the back is from Beachwood Park.


The binding is from Moda’s Eat Your Fruits and Veggies.



I mostly straight line quilted with variegated Aurifil. On my DSM.

For more detailed posts about this quilt please see here.

Thank you for visiting my quilt. Please vote for it in the Large Quilt category in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!


Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry – Bad Piggies

I am going to make a more detailed post after my son’s birthday but I have finished his Bad Piggies quilt and I am entering it in the Blogger’s quilt festival




I created this pattern from a picture of bad piggies using Google Spreadsheets. Then I assembled the quilt using Kona solids according to  the pattern. I made this into a weighted quilt. It is stitched in the ditch every four pixels (8 inches). I backed it and bound it in two different Angry Birds fabrics featuring the pigs. It is 65″ square.


For past posts discussing this quilt, please see here.

I am so excited to be entering quilts into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival this year! Please go and vote for this quilt in the Original Quilt category. And thank you for visiting my quilt!


Anchors Aweigh top finish


I bought a quilt kit during shop hop this year. I’ve never used a kit before. I just couldn’t resist this one. I quickly cut the 2 inch squares and packaged it up for Stash Bash.


I worked on it during Stash Bash and finished 6 of the 8 rows there.


Anchors Aweigh is a free pattern by Tula Pink using fabric from her Salt Water line. People at Stash Bash (and instagram) were all impressed with it, but really, it was very simple. It is like sewing by number.


For the most part the instructions are very clear. All pieces are diagrammed in sections with an image and a letter. Each section and row is numbered then shown how to put together in another diagram. The main complaint I had with the pattern is that while you are given the cutting directions for the solids, there is no indication in the diagrams which size solid you are using. Yes, it is pretty easy to figure it out either from the image or by holding the different sizes against your sewn pieces, but it would have saved a lot of time and some trouble to just include the size in the pattern. There was one spot in particular where there were four pieces of large solid blocks in two different sizes, and I wasn’t sure until I had the whole quilt together that I had actually placed them in the correct spots.  Also, just another small annoyance – solid pieces were listed as different pieces even if they were the same size. For example, (2) 2×5 and (2) 5×2. Sure, one is horizontal and one is vertical, but when I am cutting, I want to know how many I am going to need to get from the piece I am cutting from. If I cut two and move on, only to discover later I need two more….

Anyway, I guess it looks impressive to work on – and of course, I love it, which is why I made it, but I have to say I get more of a sense of accomplishment from my bad piggies quilt, which I created myself from a picture, and which will also be one of a kind.

So, here is the completed top:


I have some pink Salt Water yardage and some layer cake blocks from the Tula Pink 10 inch swap I participated in selected for the back. My goal is to have this one done for my mom’s birthday in July.

As I worked on it I also worked on my economy blocks as leaders and enders. I made decent progress. Here are some of them:




Stash Bash update

So, I’ve been mostly out of commission the last week or so. My computer inexplicably (well….) stopped working and so I’ve been mostly mobile, My husband finally opened it up last night to investigate and found the hard drive was simply unplugged. He plugged it back in and it is running fine! We backed everything up! So now I can start catching up.

Who packs light? (actually half of this was for dropping my son at Nana's)

Who packs light? (actually more than half of this was for dropping my son at Nana’s)

In the end of April, I went to Stash Bash. If I thought I had a great time last year, it didn’t even compare to this year. This year I was reuniting with the wonderful people I met last year as well as meeting many new friends. I even met several people I know from online and my swaps. I had a great time. I made some progress but didn’t really finish much. And I was fine with that.

The first day I started out cutting a lot of fabric for swaps and for a bag we were going to make as a group. Then I started in on my Tula Pink squares. I completed all my squares, and initially was going to finish the top, but I really didn’t want to spend my time there squaring up 130 blocks. Especially since I was having some issues with the cutting table.

Just a few blocks left

Just a few blocks left

So next I started in on my Tula Pink Sail Aweigh top. I made good progress and had hoped to complete it over the weekend, but didn’t quite make it.


Oh, and I don’t have pictures, but I worked on my economy blocks as leaders and enders as I worked on my anchor quilt. They really are perfect for that. I got about 25 done just doing them that way.

We also worked on the sew together bag as a group. I didn’t quite finish it there, but enjoyed working on it. Mine has some pretty noticeable errors, and I spent seriously HOURS choosing my fabrics, but it is still a cute bag.


We also did a secret sister throughout the weekend, and mine turned out to be my roommate! Here are some of the great goodies I got from her.


And some of the ones I made for mine:

image image image

And the sponsors really spoiled us this year. I don’t have pictures uploaded of everything, but everyone from Moda to Oliso, Omnigrid, Olfa, Dritz, Aurifil, soak….


image image

Already counting down for next year!!

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April review/ May goals

My laptop died this weekend. So did my entire tank of fish. I am assuming these events are unrelated. In any case, I have a harder time getting on the computer now:(

My goals tend to look the same month to month, but it really does help me to focus and accomplish when I make lists. Without them, I tend to flounder from thing to thing as another thing I “need” to do occurs to me and I leave a terrible trail of partial done in my wake.

April Review

1. Finish Bento – I did!

2. Make back for Pixel. Finish? Nope. This is my goal for this month

3. Make back for bloom bloom pow I did not, and I really expected to.

4. Make back for Chevron Still waiting on a sale code!!

5. Work on Anchor quilt This is almost done. I could complete it today or tomorrow if I really push.

6. Cut/work on Kaleidoscope I did cut most of  it, but have not worked on it

7. economy? I am getting these done! I am working them as leaders and enders as I work on my anchor top.

8. Keep to cleaning regimen No not really.

9. Read




May Goals
This is a super busy month for me, so we will see

1. Investigate tank mass extinction

2. Make back for Pixel. Finish?

3. Make back for bloom bloom pow

4. Make back for Chevron ?

5. Finish Anchor quilt top. Make back?

6. Kaleidoscope

7. economy top

8. Finish tula top

9. Keep to cleaning regimen

10. Clean out office and/or baby’s closets

11. Have a successful bday party

12. Read

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ALYOF: May Goal

I have so many I could choose from this month. But it is my son’s birthday month and we just switched him to a big boy bed last night, so I am going to try to finish his Piggy quilt for his birthday. I am not doing any fancy quilting on this one, so it is really just a matter of tearing myself from other projects and activities to finish it up. I do need to find some binding for it too.



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