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Sunday Stash

on March 2, 2014

I’ve been following a fabulous blog, Molli Sparkles. He does a weekly Sunday stash, and this is right up my, self -proclaimed fabric hoarder, alley. Why am I only just now finding out about this?!?

Well, I’ve bought about a billion dollars in fabric this month, but only one thing has actually come that I can show at this time. I fell victim to the Craftsy impulse sale. Who can resist Tula for $6 a yard?!? Seriously, I was completely defenseless. (Yeah, just wait til I show what’s to come. If I have the guts to cop to it).  Well, they had two color ways of the raccoons. I tried to get them at my LQS sale last month, but they were already out of them. I have no idea what I will ever use this for – like most of my fabric. It will sit on my ever widening Tula shelf looking pretty at me.


That’s 4 yards of the light blue and 2 of the dark. Yup. 2. separate. yards. Ugh. Oh well. Shoulda seen that coming. Warning for those of you who might someday find yourself pulling from the impulse endcap of the Craftsy sale – putting qty 2 does not mean continuous yardage!

Ok and I also found this in my cart as well –


There is no excuse for me. What the frig am I going to do with this? No idea. It looks very pretty on my shelf though. I’ve never bought precuts before. But it was on sale (my mantra) and I noticed in my February swap that I have exactly zero fabrics with anything heart related on them. I guess I felt I needed to fill a gap? I generally stay away from stuff like that.

My mailbox should be overflowing this week.

6 responses to “Sunday Stash

  1. You must have the prettiest fabric shelf ever!

  2. Audrey says:

    I don’t think you ever need a reason to buy more Tula. It should just happen and as often as possible. 🙂 I’m so in love with the raccoons!

  3. I just fell victim to the Craftsy one yard cuts too! I was expecting five continuous yards, but noooooo… All individually wrapped. What is that about?!

    • laurelar says:

      I think easier on them to just pull it prepackaged and throw it in an envelope. But they really do need to make that more clear.:( I still would have gotten in, but would have saved the disappointment.

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