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November ALYOF Finish – Kaleidoscope

Wow, so I am just sneaking this in under the wire. I really didn’t think I was going to finish. I have spent my whole vacation slaving away at this. I finished yesterday afternoon, but it was too dark to take pictures til today.

IMG_1954Even though for all the work and triangles this took it is smaller than I expected, it was still taller than my husband, so it is a little hard to see the whole thing in the picture. The edges right now are angled. My intention was to eventually square it up, but I actually kind of like it. I am not sure about binding it though, so I don’t know what I will do in the end.

I got quite good at getting my points in the middle to meet, but not so much where the blocks join. I think that had something to do with inconsistent trimming of the blocks. They are all 10.5″, but may not all be centered properly. I think unless you are looking closely, it isn’t distracting in most cases.

Like most of my tops, I kind of put this together randomly. I matched pairs of triangles first, then built the kaleidoscope center blocks from that, then created a layout and filled in the kaleidoscope outer blocks as needed. I also didn’t want any Kaleidoscopes hanging off the edges, so I spent some time making the “border” to complete all the kaleidoscopes and filling in with diamonds. Like all my quilts, I had a love/hate relationship with it. Now that it is done, I am really pleased with it (a few days ago I hated it), however, if I were to do it again, I think I should take the time and patience to plan ahead. I don’t totally like where the blue backgrounds break into the brown and peach backgrounds. I feel it is different enough to break up the background flow. But not enough that I hate the top. Just a nitpicky now that I have done it.

I have no plans to finish it anytime soon. I have holiday and “special” projects that are going to fill my next couple months, so into the growing wip pile it goes.

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Bright Sky quilt top

imageI finished my Bright Sky top a few weeks ago. It was a fun quilt top to make and did go pretty quickly. I am not totally in love with mine, though. I am still not happy with the shade of grey background – but then I’ve never really been a fan of the grey backgrounds anyway. There are several errors in it as well. I can’t remember if I mentioned how I had to fudge the inner star because some of my measurements were off and it came out too big. So, there’s some puckering where it attaches to the next row.  I also had one outer row turn out a bit short and I can’t figure out why. I redid it two times before I just gave up on it. It is hard to tell, but it is obvious to me. 🙂

imageI basted it right away, using Birds and the Bees green swallows for the back, hoping I’d go ahead and finish it up. But I just have no idea what to do as far as quilting. This is becoming a chronic problem. I’m just at a loss and I haven’t had the time to look through inspiration and come up with something. So, it is sitting with the other wips on the balcony rail. My sewing has been pretty scarce this month, though I have puttered a bit on my kaleidoscope.

imageI was lucky enough to win a tshirt for my participation! I love Patchwork Threads shirts, and have a few, but it is special to have one of this quilt. Thank you to Patchwork Threads and Blossom Heart Quilts for that!

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November ALYOF goal

I am not feeling very optimistic this month, as we are already a week in and I haven’t touched anything since I finished my economy block. I’ve been tearing my house apart trying to get things cleaned up and out. I am desperately needing to get rid of stuff, but it is really hard for me and there isn’t anywhere to put anything in the meantime. Anyway, that’s what I am up to. Plus there’s the holiday season bearing down on me.

So I’ve been debating between trying to chose between getting another quilt finished (I have three basted and waiting) or trying to finish my kaleidoscope top that is my goal for the year. I am not sure which is more likely to get done… I was tempted to choose quilting since my table is still extended and I’d like to get some more finishes under my belt, but I am at a loss on how to quilt some of these. I have most of my blocks done for my kaleidoscope, so that may be the better way to go.


Here’s hoping

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