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ALYOF: September. Am I back?

on September 7, 2015

So I am trying to emerge from hibernation. The last several months deserve their own post, which I hope to get to soon, but to sum up:
-Juki never worked
-Still trying to get an RMA
-Sewing room is a nightmare and I can’t get to anything

When I am not constantly holding a baby, I am trying to do things like eat or pee or an occasional shower. If I get a longer free period I do strange things like laundry or dishes. Not a lot of sewing happening. Or ability to type.

So, I am hoping by making this post it’ll give me the extra motivation I need to try to get back to sewing. And clean the sewing room. And get my machine fixed.

IMG_2823[1]This is the status of my cousin’s wedding quilt. The wedding we went to in June. I had a small period of productiveness a few months ago, but I was staying up til 3 or 4 to get sewing in, and it wasn’t pretty. I’m needing more sleep now. So I have 12 blocks done (And another two in progress). I think I need 24 plus sashing to finish the top, which is my September goal.

One response to “ALYOF: September. Am I back?

  1. Sometimes we have to leave our sewing room and tend to real life. Those breaks are what makes getting back to sewing so enjoyable! I love the name of your blog – its exactly how I feel right now. Fabric is everywhere in my little room!!

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