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ALYOF: October Finish

OK. I finished my quilt about a week ago, but it has been impossible to get pictures til today. I made a point to make sure I got them done as soon as I could.

Here it is


This is my economy block quilt that I started in April. This is the first quilt I’ve finished since around then too. 😦 However, I have a whole line up to do while my quilting table is extended. I quilted it along the diagonal seams. I want to say it measures around 52×72. My memory may be off.

Here are some closeups of the blocks/quilting

image image image image image image

This quilt was supposed to be a graduation gift for my cousin. It is now sort of a combined grad/birthday/holiday quilt. I am just going to hang onto it til holidays and give it to her then.

Here is the back:


There’s a label under the Celebrate girl that I will fill in for her.


Yay! It feels good to finally FINALLY finish something. Unfortunately, the next quilt I have to do, I have no idea how to quilt it.

Here is my goal post

Here are other posts about this quilt


Bright Sky QAL

I am supposed to be quilting the large pile of tops that I made backs for last month. So what am I doing? Why, starting an entirely new project of course!

I spontaneously decided to join the Bright Sky QAL by Blossom Heart Quilts. Now, I have an iffy history with quilt alongs. Some I have completed, some I have never even started. (Ahem, Prism). But this one looked pretty quick, and I just felt the need to do it.

Some of the other participants were getting creative with the center block, so I decided to as well. This took some time. I had to figure out how to translate the block into a 16 inch square. I actually selected one and couldn’t figure it out, and ended up choosing a different one which was in my EQ7. I haven’t played too much with EQ, but managed to figure out how to resize the block and print out my pattern.

Or so I thought. The program doesn’t appear to be real exact, as I got the same measurements for a 16 inch block as a 16.5 inch block. I also wanted to use squares rather than triangles for my HSTs. So I did some careful figuring, and thought I had it all worked out. Well… the center square turned out a little big. Oops. I did the best I could to ease it in, but there is some rippling in it. I do like how the block echos the various points in the pattern.


I have been making a real effort to use my stash for projects. Mind you, this does not mean that I am not buying stuff in the mean time… I am, but when I start a project I am really trying to use what I have and not buy for the specific project. I wanted a grey background on this, and do not have grey so I had to go out to my LQS to get it. I really wanted a light grey and ended up with Ash. In the end, I am not real happy with it, but it was the lightest grey they had. While I was there, I did pick up a couple orange fat quarters that got used. I also learned my rather abundant stash is shockingly lacking in purple and yellow. My Pink Castle Stash bundles really came in handy here. I had hoped to make use of the large sizes and use graphic large prints, but I really ended up sticking to my color scheme and didn’t really have much in the way of large prints there.


Last week we were meant to finish up to this point. This is my “creative” center block and first row of geese. Most of my points are nice, but I had one row that really gave me fits. I have no idea why, but it just didn’t quite fit right and does not line up properly. After resewing it twice, I called it as good as it is gonna get.



Sunday Stash

While I am not a die hard Denyse Schmidt fan, there certain prints that I love. When picking fabrics for my (failed) Supernova swap, I came across the Ansonia line and fell in love with the color palette. I decided I had to have it, even though it wasn’t our choice for supernova.



I did some searching and found some bundles hanging around on Etsy.  (Contrary to my posts here) Money has been getting tight around here, so I was trying to be good and hold off. Then one of the Etsy shops had a big sale AND free shipping. And I was good and did not order it. And then the sale went away. And I did some self-kicking. A few weeks ago, I was bidding on a rare Tula Pink Hushabye lot, and got outbid in the last few minutes. It was a “friendly” auction with people I “know” in a facebook group. I was mad. So I turned to Etsy and happened to find the shop was offering the same sale again! And they only had one bundle left.

I think you can guess how this story ends….

So that is my new half yard Ansonia bundle. I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet, but I have considered it for several different projects already.




Saturday Swap

Last month the fat 8 swap group swapped Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons. These are so interesting. They are on the thin side, but they are so pretty and shiny!



We still have a few spots left for this month’s swap which is a great one! Alison Glass Sunprints. Check it out!



What are you swapping?


Here are the link up rules:

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I’m having some issues.

First, my Supernova.


I was (trying to) participate in the Supernova Quilt along. This was a partner swap where we each make two of six blocks and send each other the duplicates. I was really excited with the fabric and direction it was going. My partner is in the UK (I am US). I sent her my first two blocks, along with goodies, fabric gifts, etc. I haven’t heard from her at all since June. I have emailed many times. I have asked if she got my package. I have gotten nothing – no email, no blocks. I’ve even tried contacting her through an online group we are in (where we partnered up). Nothing. 😦 I don’t know what else to do. I guess give up on her? Finish it myself? 😦 I’m disappointed.


My other issue is my chevron quilt



I love this top. I’ve had it shelved for a long time trying to decide on the back. There was a fabric I wanted to use, but it is HTF and expensive. I had tried to buy it from one online shop that claimed they had ten yards in stock. I ordered five, and got less than 1.5 (in two pieces!). 😦 That’s all they had. I finally did order some more of it somewhere else. I waited, and waited and waited. And about the time I was going to call the company, it finally arrived. Like this:

Thankfully, somehow the fabric was still inside. (Yes, it arrived opened like that! I haven’t touched it.)  The mail is just getting worse and worse. See how it says 2 day? It took almost 15.

I’ve also been working on some blocks from leftover pieces to add into the back:


So, here’s the dilemma. I decided to use this quilt as a thank you to some friends who did me a huge favor. It is sort of a barter of skills. It took them some time to get their project to me, and I’ve sat on this for some time as well (because of the back, and being busy through the summer). Right about the time I was finally buckling down and getting the back started and ordering the fabric, they (shockingly) announced their separation. They’ve only been married two years and seemed like such a great couple. Now I don’t know how to handle this with my debt to them. They both contributed to my part of the trade. Do I still finish the quilt and let them figure it out? Do I make one for each? Do I ask? Forget it? Ideas/ help/wwyd????


ALYOF October: Economy Block

My goal for this month is to finish my economy block quilt. Top and back are done. I need to baste, quilt, and bind it.


I have no idea how I am going to quilt it. I am tempted to just straight line next to the seams, but that seems boring, right? What would you do?


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Sunday Stash

First off, here is my fat quarter Far Far Away pack from Massdrop that I mentioned last time:



Also admire my new cutting mat. I had to get a new one because my old one warped on my trip back from Florida. 😦 Fortunately, Joann’s had a 50% off coupon waiting for me. I couldn’t remember when I got to the store what size my mat was, and the ones I thought it was looked too small. So I ended up accidentally upgrading. I now have a 36″ mat. And it is wonderful.



A friend of mine was destashing some (a lot) of her excess fabric due to life expenses. I grabbed up these cool prints. I tried to resist, but she gave a great deal, and it was for a good cause. There was more I wanted and didn’t get. 🙂


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Saturday Swap. But not.

So, I haven’t had any swaps come through recently. BUT I have two that should be completed next week.

So instead I will share what is back up on my design wall right now.


My Kaleidoscope is my goal for the year. It’s been put away for some time. After the focus on quilt backs, I was itching to start something, but found myself turning back to the kaleidoscope instead of starting something new. It is probably the smart choice.  I also am not sure what I was thinking…. I apparently thought I was going to need about twice the blocks that I now think I need. I am kind of getting worn out on these huge quilts (that I am scared to machine quilt) so maybe I just want to scale back a bit. This is so totally not the final layout, just the blocks I was working on today.


Ok. Maybe some of you are in some fun swaps right now??

Here are the link up rules:

1. Link up a post about a recent fabric, block or hand made item swap. You may share both what you sent and received. You may also post about an upcoming swap you are hosting.

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October goals

Man, I can’t believe it’s really October already. Where is the year going??

I haven’t really been posting my goals the last couple months (I haven’t been sewing much either), so let’s see where things stand.

July goals

1. Improv quilt back – no

2. Make back for bloom bloom pow – no

3. Make back for Chevron – I am in the process of this. There was an incident with my fabric order, and a whole other complication that I am going to make its own post about. Cuz I need advice.

4. Finish Anchor quilt – Still sitting basted over my balcony. I’m scared to quilt it.

5. Kaleidoscope – haven’t touched it.

6. economy top – Done! And the back.

7. Finish tula top Done! And the back.

8. Reinstate cleaning regimen – mmm. I am not quite there yet. I try to do what I can but still haven’t settled into a routine and things keep coming up and some days when I clean up and my son has dumped everything out within minutes of walking in the door, I wonder why I bother.

9. Clean and declutter stuff. –I did a massive cleaning of my laundry room. It was desperate for it. I can’t even begin to tell you how awful it was and how much better it looks now. I still have some spots on the floor to work on, but I put in a book shelf and things are all organized and off the top of the dryer and it is just great. And that is all I’ve done.

10. Read – I read a bunch on vacation, and things have slowed down again. I have to try to remember what all I read.

October Goals –

1. Improv quilt back

2. Make back for bloom bloom pow

3. Make back for Chevron

4. Finish Anchor quilt

5. Kaleidoscope

6. quilt economy

7. quilt tula

8. Reinstate cleaning regimen

9. Clean and declutter stuff.(I think the focus for the month is on my son’s room/toys, guest room ,and maybe my closet)

10.Mug swap stuff

11. Start another stash only project.

12. Read

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