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December ALYOF: Anchors Aweigh

on December 30, 2014

I finished it!

I actually had it done a couple weeks ago, but we’ve been traveling and then without internet for some time, so once again I am squeezing the post (but not the finish!) in last minute.


I gave it to my parents at our holiday celebration. Then we all headed to Florida which I thought would be perfect for the pictures. That’s my husband and Brother in law you can see through the quilt.


I had some yardage of some of the saltwater prints (unfortunately not the blue ones I wish I had now). In the back I used the coral octopi for the upper portion and the coral seahorses for the lower. I like the contrast of saturation. I separated them with some water related layers from my swap last year.


You can see some of them here. Mostly Neptune and a few others. I also used one of the sand bars for the label.

I believe this is my only ALYOF failure in the 12 months – I tried to finish it in the summer and got overwhelmed with the quilting. I do all my own quilting on my Singer and was trying to be very ambitious and this is a very large quilt (96×96) and I gave up. I decided I needed to just get it done and so “copped out” and just did some meandering horizontal wavy lines.


This was, of course, hardest in the center of the quilt, but I got into good rhythm elsewhere. I do still fight with starts and stops on my singer. No matter how cautious I am it skips and/or knots at those points. I was very good about keeping things well rolled to help with the bulk. Not the elaborate quilting vision I planned, but it works and it got the job done.

Happy New Year! So looking forward to 2015.

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5 responses to “December ALYOF: Anchors Aweigh

  1. I don’t think your quilting those lines was a cop out – they look planned and fit with the theme of the quilt, I think they are great! How cool that you got to take pictures of this quilt at the beach! šŸ™‚

  2. Mara says:

    Congratulations on getting this quilt finished, Love your quilting!

  3. That quilting is not a cop out at all – it works really well with the theme of the quilt! And congratulations! It is finished and looks great – yay! I like the photos of the quilt at the beach, and I really like the backing fabric, even it it is in the coral color way.

  4. Michele says:

    Yeah to you for the finish. I so understand your feelings of how the quilting isn’t what you originally envisioned but it still turned out beautiful and I know that you will love it just the way it is.

  5. […] about her Tessellated Leaves quilt and have a look at some of her other wonderful quilts, likeĀ her Anchors Aweigh […]

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