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Bright Sky QAL

on October 20, 2014

I am supposed to be quilting the large pile of tops that I made backs for last month. So what am I doing? Why, starting an entirely new project of course!

I spontaneously decided to join the Bright Sky QAL by Blossom Heart Quilts. Now, I have an iffy history with quilt alongs. Some I have completed, some I have never even started. (Ahem, Prism). But this one looked pretty quick, and I just felt the need to do it.

Some of the other participants were getting creative with the center block, so I decided to as well. This took some time. I had to figure out how to translate the block into a 16 inch square. I actually selected one and couldn’t figure it out, and ended up choosing a different one which was in my EQ7. I haven’t played too much with EQ, but managed to figure out how to resize the block and print out my pattern.

Or so I thought. The program doesn’t appear to be real exact, as I got the same measurements for a 16 inch block as a 16.5 inch block. I also wanted to use squares rather than triangles for my HSTs. So I did some careful figuring, and thought I had it all worked out. Well… the center square turned out a little big. Oops. I did the best I could to ease it in, but there is some rippling in it. I do like how the block echos the various points in the pattern.


I have been making a real effort to use my stash for projects. Mind you, this does not mean that I am not buying stuff in the mean time… I am, but when I start a project I am really trying to use what I have and not buy for the specific project. I wanted a grey background on this, and do not have grey so I had to go out to my LQS to get it. I really wanted a light grey and ended up with Ash. In the end, I am not real happy with it, but it was the lightest grey they had. While I was there, I did pick up a couple orange fat quarters that got used. I also learned my rather abundant stash is shockingly lacking in purple and yellow. My Pink Castle Stash bundles really came in handy here. I had hoped to make use of the large sizes and use graphic large prints, but I really ended up sticking to my color scheme and didn’t really have much in the way of large prints there.


Last week we were meant to finish up to this point. This is my “creative” center block and first row of geese. Most of my points are nice, but I had one row that really gave me fits. I have no idea why, but it just didn’t quite fit right and does not line up properly. After resewing it twice, I called it as good as it is gonna get.


2 responses to “Bright Sky QAL

  1. Wow, you are almost done with the top already! Looking forward to seeing how this finishes out for you.

  2. Jeifner says:

    That’s a wonderful center block, good job! I appreciate that you are trying to work from your stash as well-gold star 🙂

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