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ALYOF September: 2 backs done

on September 28, 2014

My goal for this month was to make a back for my economy block quilt.


Here is the back ~ (This isn’t the best picture. I don’t have large areas to lay things out).


I used 2 prints I had a lot of yardage for. One is the carnival print from Asbury. The other is the monochromatic clock print from Storybook Lane. I also (after much soul searching) sacrificed my precious Celebration fabric. This quilt is, in part, a graduation gift for my cousin (a little late lol) and she seemed appropriate, as did the fun carnival print.

I also finished the back for my Tula houndstooth quilt


Here is the back ~ (Again, I did the best I could. I actually hung it over my balcony and knelt outside my front door to get this picture.)


I soured the web for the Prince Charming raindrops last year when I started making this quilt. I was so scared I wasn’t going to have enough, but I have over a yard to spare plus some good sized scraps. The blocks are made from leftover blocks from the front. The layers are from the layer swap I was in last year. This is huge. It is 98×108. I have no idea how I am going to quilt it.

Here is my goal post.


2 responses to “ALYOF September: 2 backs done

  1. I find photographing backings to be really tricky, too. My focus is usually so much on the top that I probably just do not give the backings the time they deserve for a good photo, but they are larger by necessity and really challenging to photograph well!

  2. erin faller says:

    I love both of these quilts! Good luck with the quilting. I’m currently learning how to handle big quilts on my home machine. Right now I’m taking a craftsy class (Leah Day’s Free Motion Quilting a Sampler) that is actually giving me hope that I can do it someday!!! Congratulations on making your goal!!!

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