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Saturday Swap #4

on July 5, 2014

So I’ve had a lot of swap deadlines I have been working against this month. One of those is my scrappy trip block swap that I kind of joined on a whim. I made a Trip quilt for my aunt last year. It was a huge undertaking and consumed my life for several months. I figured I’d make another one sometime, but didn’t think I’d jump on the bandwagon so soon. Oh well, this way I am really making the blocks for other people. LOL. Keeps it interesting and also helps me USE MY STASH! Which is seriously multiplying in the night and slowly taking over.

Here are the blocks I made for my bee mates:



Ok. This one is mine. I told you I’ve had this color scheme on the brain lately. I actually picked this before I made my improv top, and now I wish I had gone with something else. LOL. It’s ok. I am liking it.




This one asked for blacks, whites, and brights.




This one said Anything Goes but no black! I was really nervous about this one, but got an email from her today that she loves it.




This one asked for Orange, yellow, green, lilac, red, no blue.




This one asked for V and Co., Violet Craft and Bonnie and Camille.


I have one more that I made a cutting error so I need to redo it.  I’ve gotten two of mine, I will wait til they all come and show them off then!


OK, your turn! What are you swapping this week?


Here are the link up rules:

1. Link up a post about a recent fabric, block or hand made item swap. You may share both what you sent and received. You may also post about an upcoming swap you are hosting.

2. In the post, link up back here to my blog.

3. (Assuming there are multiple linkups, we are still new) Comment on a few other links!



One response to “Saturday Swap #4

  1. Mara says:

    All of your blocks look great!

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