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ALYOF July Goal: Economy Block top

on July 4, 2014

Oh, I have been so conflicted over what to pick this month.  I didn’t finish my anchor quilt last month. Even worse, I haven’t even started quilting it. I’ve suddenly gotten very gun shy. My mom’s birthday is at the end of the month. So here is my conflict. Do I reselect my anchor quilt and run the risk of not finishing it again? Or do I select something else and run the risk that doing that will take my time and attention away from my anchor quilt which I need to be finishing? And, in a way feels like admitting out loud that I don’t expect to conquer it?

*sigh* I’ve opted to go with something else. I feel like my mom’s birthday is enough pressure without adding this goal as well. I am, honestly, scared I won’t finish the anchor quilt. I do hope I will, but I have 100 other wips going on as well, and maybe diverting the pressure will help me get at least something accomplished.


So, instead I am electing to finish my economy block top this month. This was meant to be a graduation gift for my cousin. Now, uh, maybe I will finish it before college starts? LOL. So, this one has some pressure on it too. But not as much. I am pretty sure I can get this done. I have about 75 blocks completely done and maybe another 20 going through the machine now. and a pile of centers to go. I think I want 120 blocks total, I just hope I have that many fussy cuts in my stash. So, I need to finish the blocks, do a ton of squaring, and figure out how to put them all together!


2 responses to “ALYOF July Goal: Economy Block top

  1. Vera says:

    Oh, thanks for reminder. I forgot to set up a goal. Good luck with yours!

  2. I keep typing up a comment and starting over; I really want to pump you up and encourage you and send you some virtual hugs. Goals are great, but life happens. I think you have it in you to finish both the Anchors Aweigh quilt for your mom and this goal for the month. Good luck!

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