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July goals/June review

on July 1, 2014

June goals

1. Supernova swap for June Yes! And the July one!

2. Mini quilt swap Yes! Mailing it out tomorrow! (I was really nervous about this one)

3. Make back for bloom bloom pow No

4. Make back for Chevron No

5. Make anchor quilt back. Finish? Back done, basted, sweating the quilting

6. Kaleidoscope Um… I am not sure what, if anything, I had done at the beginning of the month. I have several blocks started, but that’s about it.

7. economy top Still plodding along on this one. I have 75 or so blocks completely done, and some number of others in progress.

8. Finish tula top No

9. Reinstate cleaning regimen Heh. No?

10. Clean out office and/or baby’s closets. Guest room? Gather stuff to sell As we are in the midst of (what I expect to be a long process) potty training, I did spend some time going through diapers. I have a ton of diapers, and many we haven’t even used for one reason or another. They are taking up a lot of space in his room that could better hold other things now. I started to make decisions on those about what to sell and what to store and what will still be in use for a while. I also went through some rather large boxes of clothing taking up space in the garage. I decided what I am going to sell/donate and what I just can’t bear to part with (even though it has been living in a box for 8 years). I am glad to say most of it is going, and I have a large pile of memorabilia tshirts from high school and college for a someday tshirt quilt. Most of the other stuff I kept includes some really nice dress coats that I don’t even remember owning, and some dress clothes that I can’t fit but just can’t part with yet and a couple of my grandmother’s sweaters. Um. Not near what I hope to accomplish, but small steps in the correct direction.

11. Scrappy trip swap Yes! Although I have one I need to remake due to cutting error, but all the others are done and ready to mail.

12. Read


July goals

1. Improv quilt back

2. Make back for bloom bloom pow

3. Make back for Chevron

4. Finish Anchor quilt

5. Kaleidoscope

6. economy top

7. Finish tula top

8. Reinstate cleaning regimen

9. Clean and declutter stuff.

10. Read

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