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Saturday Swap #3

on June 28, 2014

This week I am sharing the Supernova blocks I have made so far for the Supernova Friendship Swap.


I am swapping with Rachael, who is in the UK. We chose to work with Nordika (after many many back-and-forths)


We also debated the background color. I really wanted to go with Burgandy, but we were worried about color matching, so Rachael came up with the idea of using various shades in red/burgandy. She found this cute quilt which we are basing our idea on. Hopefully it comes together as well! So far I love it.


We each make two of the same block each month, then keep one and send the other. We are supposed to have 10 at the end, but we are going to try for 12 so we have a rectangular quilt instead of a square one.


Since we got started late (plus international postage), I went ahead and made my first two and will send them off next week!

OK, your turn! What are you swapping this week?


Here are the link up rules:

1. Link up a post about a recent fabric, block or hand made item swap. You may share both what you sent and received. You may also post about an upcoming swap you are hosting.

2. In the post, link up back here to my blog.

3. (Assuming there are multiple linkups, as this is the first one) Comment on a few other links!




2 responses to “Saturday Swap #3

  1. Vera says:

    Interesting choice. Looking good!

  2. I think using a variety of reds for your background is going to look great – your two blocks already show the background depth in the color variation.

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