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Wip Wednesday: Whole lotta wips going on

on June 25, 2014

So I’ve felt very scattered. I am working on many things at a time. My sewing room and cutting table are a cluttered mess. This is why I often scale back on bees and swaps, but I have myself in a bunch of them right now, and there are a lot of July deadlines.



I am working on the supernova friendship swap. We are working with Nordika. I am loving these blocks, and can’t wait to have them all together! My swap mate is Rachael and she lives in the UK! We were late to join, took time to make a plan, and time for her fabric to get to her, so I am actually making two blocks and sending them together. Check out my bias seam line! I’m getting a lot of practice at this (and getting better!) because….

Mini Quilt Swap


I am also in the mini quilt swap. I am not going to say much about this as my partner is still meant to be secret. The above is my mini quilt top, done with the mini northern lights pattern. As you can see, many seams to line up there! Most were dead on. I did rip and redo a couple rows, and there are a few that are off a tiny bit, but overall I did a good job.


Scrappy Trip Bee

I am working on my trip blocks for my bee. These are three of the six. I was given colors to work with and am pulling from my stash to make them. I can’t believe I am working on another one of these so soon, but again, I couldn’t resist joining. I have a strict color scheme for my blocks. These blocks are quick and fun to make so why not? And good chance to use my stash.

Anchors Aweigh

Well, I didn’t think I would finish my ALOYF goal this month, but I honestly didn’t think I would be this far behind. My quilt is basted and I am still buckling down how I am going to quilt it. I started practicing some designs, and I am a little discouraged. This is going to take a lot of practice and I am especially nervous with how big this quilt is. It is a lot of quilt to be pushing around smoothly through complicated quilting. This is supposed to be done for my mom’s birthday in July, but I just don’t know right now… I don’t want to go with simpler quilting, but I don’t want to ruin it being too ambitious or rushed either.

6 responses to “Wip Wednesday: Whole lotta wips going on

  1. Laurel, check out the wave quilting tutorial on The Inbox Jaunt 6/24 post. it may be perfect for your Anchor quilt. I love her tutorials.

  2. Lovely piecing work – so many matching seams! 🙂 I completely understand your thoughts on FMQing a large quilt. I find that working on it for an hour or so at most and being able to put it aside to work on something else helps save my muscles and sanity.

  3. I absolutely love your mini quilt swap piece- and wish I was your partner (I’m not in any swaps, so I can’t be… but if that came to me, I’d be over the moon!!)

    • laurelar says:

      Thank you! I am nervous she won’t like it because it isn’t the colors she said, but it is the designers and pattern-maker, so I am hoping that will make up for it. I am also making a bunch of companion pieces just in case, 🙂

  4. Vera says:

    Nice projects! Keep going 🙂

  5. Joanna says:

    I love your mini northern lights! It’s on my neverending “want to do one day” list 😀

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