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Saturday Swap #2

on June 21, 2014

Welcome to another Saturday swap!

This week I got back my scrappy charm swap. This swap was run on flickr by Amateur Quilter Mike. We are instagram friends, and that is how I found out about the swap.


This was a standard charm swap: 56 spots, two yards per spot. I had two spots. Scrappy swaps are always iffy…. There’s always the chance you get someone else’s ugly fabric, or poor quality fabric. And, to be honest, that happened. But there was some cool stuff too. And even some of the not-so-nice quality stuff was still cool.

These were some of my favorites.

Some cool geometrics

Top row: Stuff in my stash

Bottom row: what I sent

Confession time. There is a part of me that really loves dainty calicos. I try to keep that at bay. They can be sooo drab and old fashioned when used, but when they are just fabric, I love to look at them.

Mike was a great and very enthusiastic host. He is signing up for round two, and don’t you know I’ve got two more spots?

Seriously, how cute are these extras he sent?!?

Seriously, how cute are these extras he sent?!?

So, seriously people – What do you do with charms?!? Especially scrappy ones where you don’t necessarily love them all?

And now let me know what you have been swapping!

Here are the link up rules:

1. Link up a post about a recent fabric, block or hand made item swap. You may share both what you sent and received. You may also post about an upcoming swap you are hosting.

2. In the post, link up back here to my blog. Let others know about our new linkup!

3. (Assuming there are multiple linkups, as this is the second one) Comment on a few other links!


One response to “Saturday Swap #2

  1. Mara says:

    It is always a worry about what fabric you will get in a swap, I never like it when they don’t cut correctly, especially the charm size. I see some really fun prints, I am a secret calico fan too!

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