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WIP Wednesday: The art of procrastination

on June 18, 2014

I should be working on quilting my Anchor quilt.

I could be working on any number of bees and swaps coming due in July.

I also have multiple other projects in some state of completion.

Did I touch any of those things this week?

No! Of course not! I started something completely new.


But I am totally in love with it.

Maybe it is all the pixels I’ve been doing lately, but I’ve been really itching to do improv. Just have at it with no patterns and see what comes out. Apparently, it was such a strong need that I pushed everything else aside and completed this top in a matter of days. Just the top so far… adding it to the pile of backs that need to be made. I just need to spend some time making backs.


Click that close up button to better appreciate the seeds!

This is another (along with my kaleidoscope) attempt to use my stash. Now, that doesn’t mean I am not buying fabric (obviously LOL) but I am trying to learn how to better pull things that I already have into a composition rather than pull a couple fabrics and go buy more matching ones, which is what I usually do. I have an ever growing selection of fabrics that I never touch, yet go spend more money on fabric to use. It’s gotta stop. Space and money are running out!


I love the Denyse Schmidt seeds. I have lots (and lots!) of each of the reprint colors. They are so versatile, and, I think in this quilt, very sophisticated looking. The pink sketch was left over from my chevron quilt. I am not sure where the RK stripes came from…. I may have bought it as a possibility for my chevron and not used it (because I did not use any white in that quilt – I have a similar print that is grey on black in it). But I am honestly not sure… I have no memory of acquiring it. Isn’t that awful? And, I even have yards of Kona black (and white) that I got in a fabric.com sale. 100% pulled from stash, not a single “new” cent spent. And not a single Tula print!


I’ve been itching to use this color scheme. I am so pleased with everything about this. I just love it. Now onto the actual To Do list…

7 responses to “WIP Wednesday: The art of procrastination

  1. Love the splashes of hot pink – what a fun quilt top! 🙂

  2. GeoMama says:

    Love the colors and way to go for using for stash to make it!

  3. Love it! I’m enjoying some improv as well. It is very freeing and very fast.

  4. I love your new project. Sometimes a girl needs a change. So why not start a new project. If it makes you happy just go for it.

  5. Vera says:

    Ha ha sounds familiar to me. Beautiful color combo!

  6. Susan Clarkson says:

    I love the new quilt top. I need to do some of that. I seem to always be buying new fabric, not even remembering what I have. Maybe I can take a lesson from you.

  7. Sometimes you just need to start something new to get the creative juices flowing! And those bee blocks aren’t due ’til July… still tonnes of time to whip up a block! 🙂

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