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Welcome Plum and June Hoppers!

on June 3, 2014


Hi everyone! I’m Laurel and I am so excited to be participating in this year’s New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop hosted by Plum and June! Welcome to all the new readers hopping our blogs. I enjoyed being a hop follower last year, and follow many fabulous blogs as a result. We have an awesome group participating this year too!

Bloom Bloom Pow

I have to admit that when I started this blog, I don’t think I really believed I would ever finish a quilt. The blog was a way to motivate me and keep me “honest” (sewing and posting). I do tend to be very honest about my experiences. You know all those perfect bloggers who have perfect seams and corners and quilting and produce perfect work and write perfect blogs about their perfection? Yeah, totally not me. I keep it real here. I will show you all my flaws – real and imagined. I have a hard time tooting my horn, but no problem laughing at my screw ups. Please, laugh along with me. One of the biggest flaws I have worked hard to overcome is my own fear of failure. As I’ve aged and gotten perspective, I’ve realized how many things I missed out on because I was so scared of failing, I just didn’t even bother trying. Sewing is one of those things.

Citrus Bento
As a result, each time I do have a “finish”, whether one I cursed and soldiered through every step of the way or one that was easy (oh, so rare), it is very sweet for me. I wish I could churn out multiple quilts a month like the others seem to, but that just doesn’t happen for me. You will notice I am big on goal list making. I use lists in all parts of my life, but for quilting it helps to keep me focused, give me guidance, help me reflect on what I’ve accomplished and keep track of the many projects I seem to work on at once! Another big reason for my slow finishes is my inability to stick to one project – I think of something new and want to start it RIGHT NOW! My design wall is currently littered with parts of 5 different projects.

stack the deck frontDSC_0695

I fancy myself a modern quilter – I like bold colors and graphic prints, but I do also love the traditional patterns. I tend to do a lot of i-spy quilts as well, because I love novelty fabrics and have kids in my life. You won’t find me with a lot of drab, muted colors ( I think low volume looks so dated and not modern at all!) or old fashioned fabrics. I guess my style is a work in progress. Eclectic. I create my quilts myself from start to finish. I quilt on my Singer DSM. In fact, I am thinking about asking for an upgrade for the holidays and have been batting around a Juki or Janome. What do you recommend and why?


As my site title implies, I love fabric and I have a lot of it! I can’t pass up a sale! :/ Tula Pink, Lizzy House, Kate Spain and Sarah Jane take up the majority of my shelf space (pretty much in that order.) I also love to swap! So much that I’ve been running a swap group on flickr for a year and a half. I have a lot of fun doing it and have met so many great quilters through it (many in person!). I will also be hosting a linkup for swaps soon, so if you are a swapper or bee sewer and would like to link up, keep an eye out for that.

IMG_1228The back, which I also loved up to this point

I still consider myself both a new blogger and sewist. A blogging tip I would suggest is to join in on link ups. Not only does it help you find other bloggers that interest and inspire you and bring people to your blog, but for me, it reminds me to blog! If I know I have a linkup to join on a certain day, I am much more likely to find the time to sit down and post. For sewing, just take it one step at a time, DON’T BE AFRAID, and learn from your mistakes. If nothing else, I’ve found they make for some funny blog posts!

Thank you so much for coming by! I hope to see you again. Please let me know you’ve visited in the comments, and don’t forget to chime in on my machine upgrade. 🙂 Then go check out the other wonderful bloggers in our hop.



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61 responses to “Welcome Plum and June Hoppers!

    • Anne Beier says:

      Hi Laurel – I finally got a chance to stop by and visit your blog. Your quilts are full of color and vitality. I am inspired by them and your philosophy. I love the two quilts that have a lot of purple in them – one of y favorite colors. I have been using a Bernina since I began quilting and have never regretted it for a minute. I began with a Bernina 130, and after about 17 years, bought a 750 B this past fall. I love the bigger neck. I’ve tried other brands, but I love Berninas. The customer service is wonderful with them too. I am wondering where you live. So many of your photos have a country background or a beach background in them. I blogged in the hop on June 4th. Glad I met you!!

  1. Love your quilting style. Especially all that purple! I agree that linky parties are a great place to share inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Laurel! I just upgraded my machine about a year ago. I was torn between a Janome and a Bernina, but I ultimately decided to get a Bernina because there is a local dealer for me and because the Bernina representative I was working with during the selection process was awesome! Don’t get me wrong, I spent a lot of time practicing on both machines, too, and from a useage perspective it was a toss-up for me. So if you have any opportunity to go try several different brands and models out, I would really recommend that! I love your use of bold colors in your quilts. 🙂

    • laurelar says:

      Thank you! Bernina was on my radar too, but more people I know use the other two. I think you really can’t go wrong as long as you meet your requirements, which makes it so hard for me to decide! 🙂

  3. Jasmine says:

    I really love my Janome. I’ve had it for ten years. Janome has some special FMQ feet, including one you can use with long arm rulers.

  4. Nice to meet you Laurel. Thanks for introducing yourself this post, it’s been lovely getting to know you. I particularly like your orange and green, citrus flavoured quilt. Very pretty!

  5. helenjean says:

    Hi Laurel, found your blog via Vera at Negligent Style. I was too late to join the blog hop but am a new blogger too. I love your purple quilts, purple and pink are my favourite colours (not necessarily together). Your quilts are so vibrant and strong.

    • laurelar says:

      I love both of those too. Purple is my favorite color, but I actually find myself steering away from it for that reason, otherwise, they might all be purple! LOL

  6. Yes I love seeing other bloggers hic-cups too, make me feel more normal 🙂 I was seriously looking at the Juki and was about to buy one until Janome swooped in with a huge sale – which meant I could buy a machine with all the bells and whistles for the same price as the then Juki. Not sure that helps you though! I do love my Janome – especially the cool auto thread cutter – heaven in a push of a button!

    • laurelar says:

      I was thinking of Janome until everyone at Stash Bash this year had Jukis and loved them. They aren’t that fancy, but they do seem to have everything I need and are a workhorse. I have to do more research!

  7. Jane says:

    I love your honesty, and your style too – your work is gorgeous! I dream of having a Juki, but I can’t really offer any advice on Janome or Juki as I have neither.

  8. Vera says:

    So much I can relate to. I better check some more of you blog 🙂 Nice to meet you Laurel.

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  10. DeborahGun says:

    I love your blog title 🙂 And I love that you celebrate each finish! I often wonder why I am so slow compared to other quilters but if we enjoy it that is what matters 🙂

    • laurelar says:

      I’ve actually put a lot of thought into it and it comes down to several things – little time to work, I make really large quilts, I piece my backs, I work on 100 things at a time… 🙂

  11. Ruth says:

    I like to think of my mistakes as happy accidents, most of the time! I’m a bit of a magpie too, collecting WIP’s!

  12. sfredett says:

    I’m with you – can’t pass up a good sale, or a cute novelty print! I’m looking at a new machine for the holidays this year too; I think I’ve settled on a Juki 2010. I currently have a Viking Emerald 203, so I’ve got good features for piecing (and fancy stitches, etc). I really just want a power horse with few electronics to fail to FMQ with, and that throat space is very alluring. 😀

    • laurelar says:

      That is exactly what I am thinking! My Singer is actually pretty fancy, but I have the worst time with it eating corners. I want to just push things through! And the Juki goes fast!

  13. Judy says:

    Laurel, your quilts are gorgeous 🙂 My favorite part about blogging is admitting the mistakes I make, and it is the thing I appreciate most when reading other blogs. I also like reading about people being honest about the process, i.e. was making the quilt (problems or not) tedious, fun, never ending? I just did a strip quilt – I HATED the process. Love the quilt but it will be a very LONG time before I make another 🙂

    • laurelar says:

      Thank you for your kind words. That’s so funny that you hated the strip quilt! I love strip quilting. I feel like it makes it go faster and less room for error. My bento was a strip quilt.

  14. I am constantly laughing at myself and encourage others to laugh along.. 🙂 I adore your orange and green quilt and have pinned it! I have a Janome and love it, although I know quite a few people who couldn’t live without their workhorse Jukis. And then there are the devoted Bernina people… lol. Have fun deciding!

  15. wendy says:

    hello, lovely to meet you! I love your quilts and I LOVE your attitude. I too point out all my flaws in my blog posts. My readers tell me off for it but I can’t help it! I do have a little blogging tip if you’re interested – I see you’re answering comments in the comments. I did a little poll on my blog and every single reader said they never go back to a comment they’ve left to see if there’s a reply, so noone will see your replies!

    • laurelar says:

      Thank you, I didn’t know that. I don’t really know any other way to reply. I guess I assumed it emailed you (I get a box that says notify me of comments via email). I always hate when I am reading a blog and people ask questions in the comments section and they aren’t answered there for others. Often, I have the same questions and don’t know the answer because the blogger didn’t reply in the comments. That has to be annoying to them to answer the same question over and over?

  16. What a great idea to host a swap link up! I’ll be watching for more details on that.

    • laurelar says:

      Awesome! I was thinking of starting this week, but I think with the hop and everything, I will put it off to next week. I have to make sure I know how the linkup works first too! I will look forward to you joining! 🙂

  17. We sound like ‘birds of a feather’ with multiple projects going at all times! I also make lists, but tend to change my plan depending on my mood. The best part of having multiple projects partially made is the number of projects ready for a quick finish when you feel a need!

  18. Liz says:

    Great quilts! Wish I could give you some machine advice, but I’m currently sewing on an old Kenmore machine myself. Beautiful quilts, I’m especially fond of the polaroid one!

  19. Shauna says:

    love love love love love that purple quilt…in fact if you need a place to store it, I will gladly take it. 🙂 I love that you point out your flaws, I know I’m not perfect and it helps knowing that others aren’t either.

  20. I love that purple quilt! It’s so striking. And I’ve started collecting for my own Polaroid quilt! They just look so fun.

    I have a smaller Janome and a Juki. They both have their place, but I definitely do 90% of my quilting on the Juki. I love how fast it sews and the throat space is huge. And since it’s so heavy and metal, it will run forever if you keep it oiled.

  21. Beth says:

    Great projects!

  22. Beth says:

    Hi Laurel – I tend to laugh at my mistakes too, and I don’t get in a hurry to get projects finished. I just think I want to enjoy the process from start to finish, so why rush it? That being said, there are SO MANY quilts and projects I want to make so I’m always starting something before finishing my current project. Ahhhhh!!!! Happy Quilting!

  23. Hi Laurel. Your intro post made me laugh at your honesty. I know how you feel juggling kids, work, housework and quilting. I love the pink and purple quilt in the top photo. I have the same kind of definition of ‘modern quilter’ that you do – bright colours and graphic prints. I don’t have any advice about sewing machines – I’m hoping to upgrade my own next year so will know more then. Nice to meet you.

  24. Oh I love the quilts you chose 🙂 that bento box one??? (orange and yellow) is just beautiful!

  25. Kristyn says:

    your quilt that looks like Polaroid photos is so much fun!

  26. Joanna says:

    More people need to show flaws! I don’t always take photos of them, but I will mention them, or what I had issues with. I recently completed a quilt that I completely unpicked because my original quilting was baaaaaaaad (extra As necessary) and there was a massive bunch of pucker son the back. Yuck! Now it’s pretty (but still has a pucker?!) lol!

    Your quilts look really fun! I especially love the second one you posted.

  27. Marly says:

    I love your purple quilt, the colours are so alive and jumping around! I agree we have to make mistakes, acknowledge them and then learn from then. It’s the only way to move forward. And all those perfect people … they were beginners once too. Just like you and me.

  28. Carole says:

    Hi Laurel, yipee another WordPress blogger! Following you in my reader now. Visiting from the New Quilt Blogger’s hop.

  29. rozsamaria says:

    I’ve never made a perfect quilt and I never will! Mistakes give the quilts character. 🙂

    Also, I love your blog name!

  30. I would love to say Janome, Laurel, because I have one and adore it – excellent for piecing, but… all that Juki throat space!! I keep seeing people post their new ones around the blogosphere and I am so jealous for what they can quilt on them : P

  31. Your photo of the quilt by the sea is awesome!

  32. Hydeeann says:

    Oh, Juki, for sure!!! Why? Because I love mine so much. There are tons of reviews and posts online, including one I did about my machine that is linked in to Sew Mama Sew’s review link up. Nice to meet you through the hop!

  33. Your quilts are all so gorgeous! I can totally relate to being slow finishing because of all the projects you’re working on. I do the exact same thing! I like to share my mistakes too. It’s fun to share a laugh over them, or to get sympathy, right? I can’t help with your machine upgrade. I sew on a Kenmore and love it, so I’m not all that up on what other, fancier machines can offer.

  34. barbarakonkle says:

    Love your quilts! I am on that is not a perfect quilter either! Ha, you can see my attempt at half circles and see that! Lol. Whew that project was a tough one and still needs attention! I loved getting to know you and I am definitely going to have to look our for your swap!

  35. HI – first visit to your blog – found it thru PlumandJune. I like your style and color choices! I have a Janome. I love it. I was able to buy a used one at our local sewing machine shop and it made so much sense. They warranty it – do you have a shop that will sell machines that were traded in for an upgrade?? The throat on the Janome is pretty decent.

  36. Kate Yates says:

    Hi Laurel, it’s nice to meet you! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this evening, and had a peek back at some of your mishaps. I have them too, all the time it seems, but you have to laugh, don’t you? I’m glad you posted those!

  37. I also have an inability to stick to one project, and like you I think of something new and want to start it RIGHT NOW! My whole house is littered with uncountable half-finished projects.
    I cannot advise which machine to buy, other than to suggest you get the best you can afford with the features you need. You will spend a lot of time using a sewing machine, so skimp on something else (in my case, it was new clothes) for a while to save up for the right machine.

  38. andpins says:

    I have no machine upgrade suggestions other than I am eyeing a Juki. I sew on a 1980s Bernina and a 1964 Featherweight. You have great projects!

  39. Jehnny says:

    I’m totally a list maker too, so I totally get it! Your quits are beautiful! Don’t get a Janome. it unthreads every two seconds (ok, this might just be me, but if I use the thread cutter on the machine it cuts the thread tails too short and when I go to start again the stupid thing unthreads. Every. Time. Highly annoying!)

  40. So nice to meet you! I love the name of your blog and was glad to read that you enjoy your large stash! I am also keeping an eye out for a new machine. I’ll be interested to see what you end up deciding!

  41. Carmit says:

    Your Angry Birds quilt made me laugh out loud. Love the chevron, too!

    I bought a Janome Memory Craft 8200 last year and am very pleased with it. It hasn’t done anything to make me regret the purchase yet. It comes with three squillion different stitches and though I initially only intended to only use straight line and FMQ, I watched a Craftsy class (Stupendous Stitches) that actually shows that by altering the length and width of a decorative stitch you could discover lots of new stitches, and I think I might try them for quilting and binding.

    My two cents – haven’t tried anything else fancy so can’t offer comparisons.

  42. Hi Laurel, great intro post! I’m also from the first week’s blog hop, and still trying to catch up! You have some beautiful quilts and I especially love your citrus bento quilt. It makes me want to start a new project with those colors. Just beautiful!

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