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Anchors Aweigh top finish

on May 16, 2014


I bought a quilt kit during shop hop this year. I’ve never used a kit before. I just couldn’t resist this one. I quickly cut the 2 inch squares and packaged it up for Stash Bash.


I worked on it during Stash Bash and finished 6 of the 8 rows there.


Anchors Aweigh is a free pattern by Tula Pink using fabric from her Salt Water line. People at Stash Bash (and instagram) were all impressed with it, but really, it was very simple. It is like sewing by number.


For the most part the instructions are very clear. All pieces are diagrammed in sections with an image and a letter. Each section and row is numbered then shown how to put together in another diagram. The main complaint I had with the pattern is that while you are given the cutting directions for the solids, there is no indication in the diagrams which size solid you are using. Yes, it is pretty easy to figure it out either from the image or by holding the different sizes against your sewn pieces, but it would have saved a lot of time and some trouble to just include the size in the pattern. There was one spot in particular where there were four pieces of large solid blocks in two different sizes, and I wasn’t sure until I had the whole quilt together that I had actually placed them in the correct spots.  Also, just another small annoyance – solid pieces were listed as different pieces even if they were the same size. For example, (2) 2×5 and (2) 5×2. Sure, one is horizontal and one is vertical, but when I am cutting, I want to know how many I am going to need to get from the piece I am cutting from. If I cut two and move on, only to discover later I need two more….

Anyway, I guess it looks impressive to work on – and of course, I love it, which is why I made it, but I have to say I get more of a sense of accomplishment from my bad piggies quilt, which I created myself from a picture, and which will also be one of a kind.

So, here is the completed top:


I have some pink Salt Water yardage and some layer cake blocks from the Tula Pink 10 inch swap I participated in selected for the back. My goal is to have this one done for my mom’s birthday in July.

As I worked on it I also worked on my economy blocks as leaders and enders. I made decent progress. Here are some of them:



6 responses to “Anchors Aweigh top finish

  1. Shauna says:

    I totally understand your complaint, I recently did a pattern that did the same thing and it drove me nuts. I do think the finished piece is awesome, and it looks impressive finished too!!!

  2. The quilt top does look impressive, and I like how it matches the colors of the house! 🙂 Your thoughts on the pattern are completely understandable. With all the tiny pieces making up the anchor, how long did it take you to piece the top?

    • laurelar says:

      It actually went remarkably quickly. I am generally really slow at getting things done, and of course it helped that I did most of this away from home and those responsibilities. But really it went quickly. I cut all the 2 inch squares ahead of time and cut the solid as needed (mostly because I had to order the solid and wait for it to come – but I think it was still a good idea to do that so I didn’t have more piece confusion there). The pattern more or less starts with the least complicated row and works toward the more complicated rows. I did four rows the first day, two the second (with much less time devoted to it as well) and then when I got home I worked on the rest over the next week. I would say it took me two days per row plus another to put the rows together. But at home I only get to work an hour here or there. So this was a relatively fast finish for me.

  3. Marcia R says:

    I love it! Congrats on the finish!

  4. What a gorgeous finish!

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