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Stash Bash update

on May 13, 2014

So, I’ve been mostly out of commission the last week or so. My computer inexplicably (well….) stopped working and so I’ve been mostly mobile, My husband finally opened it up last night to investigate and found the hard drive was simply unplugged. He plugged it back in and it is running fine! We backed everything up! So now I can start catching up.

Who packs light? (actually half of this was for dropping my son at Nana's)

Who packs light? (actually more than half of this was for dropping my son at Nana’s)

In the end of April, I went to Stash Bash. If I thought I had a great time last year, it didn’t even compare to this year. This year I was reuniting with the wonderful people I met last year as well as meeting many new friends. I even met several people I know from online and my swaps. I had a great time. I made some progress but didn’t really finish much. And I was fine with that.

The first day I started out cutting a lot of fabric for swaps and for a bag we were going to make as a group. Then I started in on my Tula Pink squares. I completed all my squares, and initially was going to finish the top, but I really didn’t want to spend my time there squaring up 130 blocks. Especially since I was having some issues with the cutting table.

Just a few blocks left

Just a few blocks left

So next I started in on my Tula Pink Sail Aweigh top. I made good progress and had hoped to complete it over the weekend, but didn’t quite make it.


Oh, and I don’t have pictures, but I worked on my economy blocks as leaders and enders as I worked on my anchor quilt. They really are perfect for that. I got about 25 done just doing them that way.

We also worked on the sew together bag as a group. I didn’t quite finish it there, but enjoyed working on it. Mine has some pretty noticeable errors, and I spent seriously HOURS choosing my fabrics, but it is still a cute bag.


We also did a secret sister throughout the weekend, and mine turned out to be my roommate! Here are some of the great goodies I got from her.


And some of the ones I made for mine:

image image image

And the sponsors really spoiled us this year. I don’t have pictures uploaded of everything, but everyone from Moda to Oliso, Omnigrid, Olfa, Dritz, Aurifil, soak….


image image

Already counting down for next year!!

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