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Bento back

on April 9, 2014

So my complete focus the last few weeks has been my Citrus Bento quilt. This is the quilt I started at stash bash last year and am determined to bring completed this year. My biggest hold up (other than having other more pressing things to finish) has been my inability to decide what to do for the back, or to choose a good fabric for it. Then a few months back Fabric.com did a super dooper clearance on this fabric, which I thought might work.


Then they only sent me half what I ordered. Not enough for the back. Though I never really planned to just use this on the back. I like to piece my backs. But I was still pretty uninspired for what to do. I had leftovers of most of the fabrics I used in the front, plus several fabrics that I wish I had had when I made the quilt. I decided to cut layers and bricks and create a back from those.

Here are my (really crappy) pictures of the back:

image image

I wasn’t as enamored of it as I had hoped (I was hoping to be able to do another stripe of the Beachwood Park in the middle, but not enough) but maybe it will look better when it is on the back of the quilt and not all wrinkly on my grass.

I finally got it basted –


And am quilting it now.

One response to “Bento back

  1. sophie says:

    I totally believe you’ll like it better when you see it as the back to your beautiful quilt … I’m telling myself the same today as I finish the pieced backing for one of mine 😉

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