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April goals

on April 2, 2014

I’m falling behind again. But that just means I’m cleaning and sewing and getting outside instead of sitting on the computer so much!

March review:

1. Make a back for my bento DONE

2. Make a back for Chevron Waiting for a sale on the fabric I want

3. Economy blocks Pshaw

4. Make a back for pixel I ordered and received the fabric

5. As long as I have black thread in my machine maybe I should finish my botm blocks. And maybe the top? DONE

6. baby’s bathroom (finish installing and then clean/organize I did install the cabinets and hooks! I did some clearing of the countertops into the cabinet but not much else. In fact, the tools are still in the bathroom.

7. So last year in March I did a big spring cleaning of my downstairs. I meant to do the upstairs in the fall, but we had such other things going on it didn’t register as important. I had planned to do spring cleaning again this year, but now that I am facing it down, I so don’t feel up for it. But I am going to tackle it. Ugh. I absolutely have to.

I just didn’t have it in me. I hate that. I tried. I can never seem to get past the toy pick up or kitchen cleaning. I decided instead to make a list of chores for each day and to focus on one room a week. I’ve done ok with that. There are still chores I skip or days I can’t get to anything, but my bed is getting made (something I have NEVER done, but am finding I like) and rooms picked up and counters cleared more regularly. It is going to take some time to get through my entire house this way, but better than nothing.

8.Finish Tula squares (the only reason this is so low on the list is that I am involved in yet another swap and I am anxious about picking out these last fabrics.) No. Been consumed with other projects and still haven’t gotten that swap back.

9. read I am almost done with one book! WOO!


April Goals – STASH BASH!

1. Finish Bento

2. Make back for Pixel. Finish?

3. Make back for bloom bloom pow

4. Make back for Chevron

5. Work on Anchor quilt

6. Cut/work on Kaleidoscope

7. economy?

8. Keep to cleaning regimin

9. Read

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