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March Goals

on March 1, 2014

Hey guys! This is my 100th post!!

March goals –

So for the first time in a long time, I find myself without many quilts in the hopper. Which I guess means it is time to cycle back around to making backs and finishing quilts. Hmm. I am sure I will find something to start on…

1. Make a back for my bento

2. Make a back for Chevron

3. Economy blocks

4. Make a back for pixel

5. As long as I have black thread in my machine maybe I should finish my botm blocks. And maybe the top?

6. baby’s bathroom (finish installing and then clean/organize

7. So last year in March I did a big spring cleaning of my downstairs. I meant to do the upstairs in the fall, but we had such other things going on it didn’t register as important. I had planned to do spring cleaning again this year, but now that I am facing it down, I so don’t feel up for it. But I am going to tackle it. Ugh. I absolutely have to.

8.Finish Tula squares (the only reason this is so low on the list is that I am involved in yet another swap and I am anxious about picking out these last fabrics.)

9. read

One response to “March Goals

  1. Congratulations on #100! I had mine recently, too.

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