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on February 22, 2014

Ooh. I’ve been quiet. I started right away on my pixel quilt in February. I wanted to make sure to finish it. If you haven’t done one, I recommend trying it. You wouldn’t think sewing a zillion little squares and rectangles together would be so cerebral (to use my new favorite Bachelor word) but it really is. I loved almost everything about making this top. I followed the class from Craftsy which taught me how to use a spreadsheet to calculate everything – from piece count to yardage. I love spreadsheets and they made the process so easy. Then I did all the cutting. That was not my favorite part, but didn’t take so long either. Then I worked the 16 blocks 2-3 at a time. I plotted them on my design board and puzzled through (literally) how to sew the pieces together in the best way. It was like a giant game of Sudoku. While my husband would read bedtime stories, and often after bedtime I would chain sew and press. If I had laid out the blocks ahead of time, I could usually get most of the two blocks put together during story time. Then I would finish up after bed or during nap and then get the next couplefew plotted.


The absolute #1 thing that helped that I am so glad I did is taking a picture of each layout before I started sewing. Then I was able to chain sew many at a time from multiple blocks and look at the picture to quickly and easily figure out how to place them all back together again for the next round of sewing.


I had the top finished by mid month and have just been waiting for the linky to open up to post about it. My son already loves it and doesn’t care at all that it is not a full blanket yet. He carries it around the house and wraps himself in it. I actually snuck it away and folded it up so it doesn’t get ruined before I can finish it. I have a back picked out and am just dragging my feet getting it ordered.


Then I got flu and not much has happened. I finished making my chevron squares yesterday and am trimming them up so I hope to get that top put together soon. I’m looking around for fabrics for the back of my bento. I have some oranges but I need some green. I had one picked out on sale but it went off sale while I was sick. Hoping it’ll go back on sale soon. Every now and then I cut some more squares for economy blocks, but haven’t started putting them together yet.

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3 responses to “February ALYOF: PIGGIES!

  1. That is so cute!! No wonder he loves it.

  2. Michele says:

    So fun. And I got the nasty flu plus otter germies this month so I know how you feel.

  3. wombatquilts says:

    So fun. I understand why your son loves it.

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