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ALYOF February

on February 3, 2014

Oh my goodness you guys, I am so undecided! I have been going back and forth on my goal pick for February. Do I pick the one I want to do? The one I know will get done? The one I need motivation on? The one that is closest to done? Furthest? Grr.

Even as I write this, I am waffling back and forth. Of course, I hope to get several of these done regardless, but I know I will put the effort into making sure my finish pick gets done.

Ugh. So the winner is….?

pixel quilt

pixel quilt

These are the pieces I cut last month for my pixel quilt while my machine wasn’t working. My goal is to get the top pieced this month. I had a lot of fun plotting it out up to this point, but I am guessing I will need an extra kick in the pants to get to putting it together, because I have several other things I am itching to get to more.

I’ve mentioned before my son LOVES bad piggies. I have a whole collection of these little critters now (which believe me, they are not as easy to find as angry birds! So when I find them, I grab them up.) He carries them around the house, has a plush one he loves to cuddle, plays them on the various electronics. Until recently, he didn’t know the birds existed. He is all about the piggies.

So, I haven’t plotted it out yet, but this is what my top will (hopefully!) resemble when I am done:


I am a bit behind because of my trip, but will be back with further goals for the month.


One response to “ALYOF February

  1. This will be super cute. I’ve started plotting a pixel quilt of a creeper from Minecraft. Lots of little green squares. I’m eager to see how yours turns out!

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