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First 2014 finish!

on January 27, 2014

I can’t believe I made it! Everything was conspiring against me, from my machine not working to my trip cutting my month short…. But I’ve always said I work best with my feet to the fire.

I was so excited to get my machine back and the first order of business was to get my mug rug swap completed.





With that pressure off, I moved onto my quilt. Imagine my disappointment when, after all the trouble and service and everything, this is what happened right away:


Oh my goodness! Did I just waste that money? Is my machine broken?? One thing the guy told me was that this is caused by bad top thread. I was using a good brand and a new spool. I thought he was nuts, but it seemed I had ruled everything else out. I had a trip to Joann’s planned anyway and considered picking up a new spool while there, but “Visit your local quilt shop” day was Saturday and they were having a good sale. I was nervous losing even more time on getting this done, but I decided I wasn’t going to screw around – I needed to get the Aurifil.

I was so skeptical and hoped I wasn’t throwing more good money after bad, but it really did work! I spent most of Saturday quilting. Around 2am I was distressed to find I was looping again. Luckily, I caught it quickly and took it as a sign it was bedtime. After unpicking and rethreading things ran fine the rest of the time, but I honestly am at a point where I am not really trusting my machine anymore. That isn’t good for our relationship.

This is a much smaller quilt than the ones I’ve been working on. I tried to really focus on developing my control and plan. Since the blocks look like butterflies to me, I quilted flying butterflies. I found it was easier to get what I wanted pushing the quilt away from me, both because I was able to move in a more intuitive way and also I could see where I was going. I started to learn how to maneuver the quilt where I needed it by traveling instead of by physically moving and turning the quilt through the machine as I have done with the previous quilts. Even though it was smaller, I still had a hard time working in the middle of the quilt. I also am still getting some knotting or jumping when I stop. Some areas look better than others, and I did cross paths in a couple spots, but overall I am pretty happy with the quilting.


some areas are bad

DSC_0697 DSC_0698 DSC_0699

OK. I can’t see those well enough to tell which are supposed to show the good quilting and which the bad and which are duplicates. 🙂 (you can click the pictures to see closeups)

So, here it is completed:





I actually think it is upside down in the front picture. Oh well. It is about 50 x 68.  The back showcases my inspiration fabric, which I also used for the binding, but is not anywhere else in the quilt. I still need work on binding as well. There are several spots where I sewed through the back of the binding. I didn’t miss any spots this time though. I love it and am excited to already have a finish this year. It took 6 months to get to that point last year. 🙂

Now I am trying to decide on my goal for February. I have several things to choose from.

Here is my goal post from the beginning of the month

And you can see all of my travels with this quilt from start to finish by clicking the stack the deck tag

5 responses to “First 2014 finish!

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    I just love the name of your blog. I am drowning in fabric too. Like your mats. really cute.

  2. kathysnest32 says:

    you can be proud of yourself with all the sewing you have accomplished this month.
    can not wait to see your goal for next month.
    Kathleen Mary

  3. Great close up shots of darling butterflies. A cute design that is new to me. I appreciate your description of your FMQ efforts. It looks easy, but is a lot of work! Big learning curve. I have had issues with my machine. It balks at batik or home dec fabrics when I try to FMQ. I even had to put a sign on my machine and post a photo on facebook, machine shaming.

    ANYWAY, your quilt is adorable, and really sparkles. Love your blog style. Yay for your finish.

  4. You sure had a lot of trouble but it turned out great anyway! Maybe your bobbin case needs to be looked at since all the issues are with the bottom thread. Love the back! Congrats on your finish.

  5. Michele says:

    Yeah for getting it finished, even with all the troubles. I hope your machine straightens its act quickly.

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