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Wip Wednesday…

on January 23, 2014

I am still without my machine. I get it back tomorrow, and I really have been going nuts. It is one thing to take a break when my sewing machine is readily available, but I want to sew so badly and I can’t! I feel like I have a pile of things to do that I just can’t do!

I haven’t totally wasted my time… I’ve been doing a lot of cutting.


I’ve got a bit of a pile up on my cutting table and ironing board.


I have my entire pixel quilt cut out and ready to go! I have never cut an entire project before starting before. And I have to be honest, if it weren’t for my forced sewing break, I would probably have put this off for months. Now I have no excuse not to get it put together relatively quickly.


I’ve also decided to jump on the economy quilt along bandwagon. Again, I am not sure I would be getting to this if I hadn’t had this time. I am fussy cutting my centers.  Even though I have an extensive novelty collection, I really don’t want this one to be an overly juvenile quilt. So you know that I am showcasing my favorites – a lot of Lizzy House, Tula Pink, Heather Ross, and Sarah Jane. The centers are the easy part. Picking the rest of it is going to be harder.

I’ve also pretty much finished cutting my chevron quilt.

So, the order of events, starting tomorrow –

I have to finish my mug rug swap and get that sent outI have to finish my stack the deck ASAP to make it in time for my January goal. I have 6 days. Plus, dudes, it is getting COLD out!
Then I will focus on getting my chevron put together.

I am going out of town next week, but I am going to use that time to do some sketching of some ideas I’ve had bouncing around.

One response to “Wip Wednesday…

  1. That Economy block craze is calling to me too! I keep resisting as I don’t think I’d have much in my stash to fussy cut for the middles. I do have some of that pink whale/mermaid print though! Hope your machine gets back to you soon… I had to go without mine for a week before Christmas and it was tough!

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