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Some more challenges I am jumping on board with…

on January 6, 2014

Well, I love to be a joiner. I found out about the NewFO challenge recently.

This is a challenge I can get behind. Here, we merely have to start projects each month! I can handle that. Here is what I am starting this month:


These are the fabrics I have been gathering for my next chevron top. I am very excited for this one. I am in love with the color scheme. I just hope they work well together in this pattern. I did a lot of calculations and test blocks tonight and then started cutting into the fabric. I believe it’ll be 140 blocks. I’m gonna need more black prints.

Another challenge I want to join in on is

Of course, I have my own cleaning/organizing goals and plans, but who doesn’t want someone to spell out an entire organized home for you? Now, I am skeptical at my long term commitment abilities. I am going to try, but I am already intimidated reading over the first challenge. But, as I’ve said before…. anything I do is better than it is now, right? I just know how I started out all gung ho last year, then life got hard and a lot of my goals went out the window and didn’t seem so important.

I’m going to try, but I am much better at starting stuff and not finishing than at cleaning and organizing my entire home. 😀


One response to “Some more challenges I am jumping on board with…

  1. Michele says:

    Joining is addictive. Good luck!

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