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Hello 2014!

on January 2, 2014

Happy new year! I am so glad to see the last of 2013. This has been a trying year for us and much of our family. Through it all, I have managed to stay committed to my sewing goals. I have learned and grown a lot this year, both personally and creatively. 2014 is uncertain at this time; we are still faced with many challenges, but I am hopeful the road ahead is less bumpy than the road we have already travelled.

Goals for the new year:

Sewing –

Finish WIPs

*Ribbon chevron
*citrus bento
*BOM class
*Stack the deck
*Tula pink
*whatever else I can’t think of right now.

Specific projects I’d like to attempt this year

*kaleidoscope and/or storm at sea (this is my big challenge goal for the year)

Overall sewing goals

I think I’d like to stick with my 12 top goal, but raise my finished quilts to 5? We’ll see where I land.

I would like to try to keep up with BOMs.

Join MQG and participate.

Stop buying fabrics with white backgrounds. I have a ton of these, and then I never know how to use them. And generally use more of what I have and less buying (though that may be a hollow goal. LOL)

Other Life goals –


*I’d like to systematically take a room, maybe monthly, and go through – declutter, deep clean, decide what it needs to function better and get it and install it. This helps to spread the cost and work while accomplishing what I am realizing I desperately need.
*The garage.
*I’d really like to make a playroom.
*garage sale and otherwise get rid of all the clutter I am gathering.
*start a toy rotation for the baby

I need friends.

I’d like to meet my 36 book goal this year

Less tv – more exercise, sewing, cleaning and playing.

Sew regularly. Blog regularly.


For this month, specifically:

1. Finish stack the deck

2. start chevron

3. Room to work on: Baby’s bathroom

4. establish toy rotation

5. go through, cull and store clothing

6. read

2 responses to “Hello 2014!

  1. DeAnna says:

    You have some great goals and projects planned for 2014. Stay focused and you will be able to achieve them. You had some awesome finishes in 2013!

  2. Michele says:

    Yes stay focused and you can truly accomplish what you set your mind to.

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