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December goals

on December 1, 2013

Oops. I missed November. Yeah, November sucked, y’all. So did most of October. Just trying to take it one day at a time and figure things out.

So – October review

October Goals


  • Work on aunt’s quilt – finish top – I have finished the top! I am dragging my feet on this again, mostly because I haven’t figured out how I want to go about putting the back together and I keep ordering MORE FABRIC for it!! I have less than two weeks to finish it.
  • Make a plan for auction quilt No longer necessary
  • Make a plan for teacher gifts No longer necessary
  • Figure out how I will quilt the baby’s quilt and do it already. I started this thing a year ago, now.  OMG you wouldn’t believe it! I just have to finish the binding! This is what I have been doing instead of my aunt’s quilt. LOL.
  • Should I find myself with the time: Bloom bloom pow, bento, chevron, prism and anything else I’ve started and not finished. No – I have been focused on the two quilts above and also been in some block swaps.
  • Pick a room/closet a week and go through and clean/declutter/get rid of/organize, etc. And I mean seriously. – Finish closet, work on garage, dresser. I’ve cleaned my closet and it has stayed pretty good except for the holiday gift stash in there right now. Also pretty much cleaned the guest room closet. Got the carpets cleaned ( then my son promptly dumped pink powder all over the wet carpet). We did spend last weekend in the garage and made a good dent. It still has a long way to go, but there are paths and all the trash/cardboard is gone and it is a little more organized and less hoardersy looking.
  • Put up shelves in sewing room, think (financially) about adding cubes The shelves have been up. Haven’t gotten cubes yet. Been more focused on holiday shopping.
  • blog better Jeez. I did for a while. Then I didn’t again.
  • Get serious about weight loss again Oh this is so far out the window.
  • Stick to budget as is this
  • Get my little free library up and running! It is in the finishing/painting stages.
  • Read read read!

    I don’t remember everything I’ve read … a few things. I feel like I am forgetting one.


December Goals

  • Finish Aunt’s quilt
  • Finish the baby’s quilt
  • Get the rail blocks done for swap
  • Clean garage more
  • Clean/declutter downstairs
  • decorate
  • make decisions/appts
  • get through holidays
  • little free library

One response to “December goals

  1. Progress, progress… It’s almost never as swift and sure as we want, but as long as we keep chipping away at it, things do get done. Good job making progress on goals.

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