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Meanwhile, in another fabric…

on October 17, 2013

I’ve been keeping myself busy with some other crafts as
well… This is kind of a long, roundabout story which led to my
current crafting. It involves busy bags, and my son, and trying to
find more structured activities for those long days when school is
out… All fodder for another post. But one of those activities is
a felt board. I’ve been wanting to make a quiet book for him for
some time. I had one my aunt made for me when I was little, and I’ve
torn apart my house and my mom’s looking for it, and just can’t
find it. Quiet books today seem to be made primarily of felt. I’ve
spent quite a bit of time reading and pinning ideas, but never got
to work on it. Like everything else new I set out to do, I’ve been
irrationally intimidated. So, somehow a felt board seemed like a
good foundation to build from. After more reading and pinning, I
finally got motivated to get a foam board. I covered it with some
felt-by-the-yard I had gotten at my favorite store when that was the flavor of the month. I
taped it around the back with duct tape and used clear removable
mounting squares (a lot of them!) to mount it to the wall outside
my son’s bedroom door. I think if he really gets into it, I will
want a much bigger one at some point, but this one fits perfectly
there. I cut out some quick shapes to test it out.


Then I set out making some
things to play with. My son has a slight obsession with Bad
Piggies. My husband had downloaded a free copy and my son came
across it and just loves it. He doesn’t know an angry bird from a
rock, but piggies he loves. They didn’t look hard, so I printed
some pictures, made quick patterns and some piggies for him.

Bad piggies!

Bad piggies!

also loves these Shiny
Driver books
that I got at Dollar Tree. In fact, I’ve
gotten a couple sets of them now, he loves them so much. His
absolute favorite is Fire Engine Freddie, so I decided to make the
story into felt pieces to play with on his board. I haven’t quite
finished yet, but here is what I have so far.

Here is firetruck Fred

Here is firetruck

Here he is in the firehouse garage

Here he is in the firehouse garage

Here he is putting out a car fire. (Note - no fire)

Here he is putting out a car fire. (Note – no fire)

Here he is rescuing the cat from the tree

Here he is rescuing the cat from the tree

Close up of cat

Close up of cat

He was thrilled by the shapes and definitely recognized the
likenesses. He does go and play with his felt board (I also made
him weather shapes that I didn’t seem to photograph). Some of them
are pretty heavy, though, and he gets frustrated when they don’t
stick, then pulls them all off and throws them. Welcome to 2.5.
These are all just glued together with felt glue. I have another
page with Tractor Ted, then I have completed this book and suppose
I may as well continue with the Tractor Ted book, as he will
already be made. There’s a lot of complicated vehicles in that
book, though.


4 responses to “Meanwhile, in another fabric…

  1. What an AWESOME mom you are! This is adorable! Good job, seriously.

  2. Great idea. The felt projects you did are awesome!

  3. Sarah says:

    What great details in those characters! Great job!

  4. Marcia R says:

    Cute! Hey are you going to Stash Bash? Did you get the email today?

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