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August review/September goals

on September 10, 2013

So… We are ten days into September, and I am just now getting around to my goals. With a good bit of the month gone already. Where did it go?!? I can’t say I am expecting my August goals to look good. I’ve spent the last month in a whirlwind of adjusting to preschool, my husband’s new job, school and schedule, and the culminating fallout from everything that’s been happening over the last 6 months. I’ve kind of just been waiting-and-see-ing and getting by, honestly. My hope is that now that we are on this side of things we can finally start to deal with the realities instead of the speculation and make adjustments and plans, and ultimately get back on track. Maybe the house and car will stop breaking and start cooperating too. I am also trying to plan ahead and focus in on what really needs to get done, sewing wise, over the next few months as we enter into the holiday season. (Seriously?!?)

September goals

  • Work on aunt’s quilt
  • Make a plan for auction quilt (Can probably wait til next month)
  • Work on Tula quilt (though I am slowing down on this since the swap is running again and I may want some Acacia in it)
  • Make a plan for teacher gifts (Can probably wait til next month)
  • Figure out how I will quilt the baby’s quilt and do it already. I started this thing a year ago, now.
  • Should I find myself with the time: Bloom bloom pow, bento, chevron, prism and anything else I’ve started and not finished.
  • Pick a room/closet a week and go through and clean/declutter/get rid of/organize, etc. And I mean seriously.
  • Get serious about weight loss again
  • Figure out what sort of income we are dealing with and get back on a cash budget to replenish savings and pay off repairs. Get my spending (Looking at you Fabric.com (among others)!) under control again.
  • Get my little free library up and running!
  • Read read read!

August goals: (Get ready for a lot of NOs!)


  1. Finish ribbon chevron top – border. Back? No
  2. Start Prism QAL No
  3. Start Tula Pink quilt top I have about 80 of 132 blocks made
  4. Bento Box back (no ideas on this) No
  5. finish bloom bloom pow. (back, quilt and bind) No
  6. baste and quilt twisted ispy No
  7. Finish cleaning and reorganizing sewing room I did a big clean up, but it is far from done. See previous post.
  8. Catch up BOM? I made two during the class last month. Have class again Saturday. May try to do that again.
  9. swap items for two different swaps Yes. Done.

Swaps –

  • get 2.5 square swap
  • get trip swap
  • get Tula Pink charm swap
  • get PBJ I spy swap
  • send back writing swap


  1. Closet Is a total disaster again
  2. go through baby’s toys Every time I try, I decide he still plays with it all.
  3. guest bedroom Mostly the problem here is the clothing storage, and I haven’t really dealt with it.
  4. garage No
  5. laundry room Ooh. I did a teeny bit in here. But needs a good cleaning.
  6. Hang photos Heh. Why is this here every month? I have three family photos from WHEN HE TURNED ONE! that I just haven’t decided where they are going yet. I need to just do it. And, uh, need to get the two year photos done sometime.
  7. Consider basement renovations Pfhhhh. I have plans but no time or monies. It’s be great if we could.
  • Weight loss Same as it ever was
  • get ready for school
  • update Baby’s baby book I’ve done a bit but not enough
  • I have a lot of dr appts to make. We have (expensive) insurance again. Need to do a dental for the baby. The other things are back on hold for a while, I think. (This includes the stuff I’ve been putting off – like dermatologist and foot x-rays – which I don’t really want to do/am scared of)
  • Pay off repairs Hopefully soon. Paid a good chunk. Then the car needed work too. It’s never ending lately.
  • Get 2 year pictures done Oh! Ha! See! I had this on the list! And we haven’t done it. I signed him up for school pics, but would still like family ones done.
  • Read read read! Didn’t get to do a lot of this either. However, according to Goodreads, I am 9% ahead of my goal for the year. Going to try to remember what I’ve read…

One response to “August review/September goals

  1. I see your tags and empathize… It sounds like you are busy and stressed. Remember to breathe, deeply and slowly. Remember to love yourself as you love those around you. Remember you are doing the best you can, and you’re doing it damn well…

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