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Calvin’s Jelly Roll Race

on July 10, 2013

My friend’s son had surgery this week on his kidney. He is the same age as my son. With everything going on in my personal life right now, including my own issues with my son, it is easy to forget – but it is things like this that help me realize how blessed we really are. I don’t understand all the details, but I do know they have been hoping to avoid this surgery and it had to be done by 2. It has been stressful and scary for the family. I just hope that the surgery will correct the issue for good!

So I made the quickest quilt in the world for him. It will not get there before they get home from the hospital, but hopefully it will be a comfort nonetheless.

I had just gotten my I spy jelly roll swap back from my I spy swap group. I wasn’t planning to make a jelly roll race quilt with them, but I needed something quick. This does go quick, though definitely took me longer than an hour!

The first night I sewed the top…

Straightening the 1600 inch long strip. Please excuse my nasty couches.

Straightening the 1600 inch long strip. Please excuse my nasty couches.

Sewing the two rows together

Sewing the two rows together

Four rows...

Four rows…





Completed top.

Completed top – basting

I got a green and blue plaid for the backing and binding. Again, I wanted quick so I went for straight yardage. I made my first small mistake here. I did not square the top before basting. It still turned out pretty straight in the finished quilt, but it took a lot more work and manipulating than was probably necessary.

I decided to try my hand at free motion. I did two rows at a time, alternating loops in each row. No puckering on the back this time, but there are a lot of uneven and jumpy stitches.


See my new extension table and table insert? 🙂 Definitely makes for easier quilting.

I also forgot to sew around the perimeter before attaching my binding. I had a lot of issues with my binding. I machine bound, and missed a lot of spots on the back, so I had to go back over them. I also had more trouble with the corners this time. They aren’t as pretty or as even.

Here are some photos… (approx 49×66)

IMG_1214 IMG_1211 IMG_1212 IMG_1213

day 1: top and back
day 2: baste and quilt
day 3: square (had a busy day)
day 4: bind

Now I suppose I need to wash it? And I have started back on the new baby’s quilt (The polaroid). I hope to have that finished in the next few days and get all these quilts mailed out. Then I think I really deserve to finish a quilt for me. 🙂 Also, want to get caught up on the Prism QAL, but still trying to decide how to go with that one.

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3 responses to “Calvin’s Jelly Roll Race

  1. Ashley says:

    They will definitely cherish this quilt! It turned out great and perfect for a little boy. I just tried machine binding and my corners were… less than perfect! haha, but we are our own worst critics!

  2. Marcia R says:

    What a loving gesture and super-fun quilt! I think your FMQ looks good; I always make my patterns way too small. The child and his family are going to love it!

  3. I am sure your “comfort” quilt will be loved! It’s so perfect and fills my heart with Joy! I love making quilts for those who really need to be wrapped in love.

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