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WIP Weds – Polaroid top

on June 18, 2013
Stack of polaroid blocks

Stack of polaroid blocks

I completed my polaroid top.


My backing fabric arrived just as I was assembling rows. I have decided to go with the cream for the back. I am even more glad that I used the off white instead of the white for the polaroid frames. I’ll save the green for the future.


Once I completed the top, I was kind of stunned how small it was. I mean, I know it is a baby quilt, but I’d like it to last longer than his babyhood. I dithered for a while… I considered a border, but I really didn’t have enough backing to add a good sized border. In the end, I settled on a small border and I will be doing some piecing in the backing.

Completed top

Completed top

Here is a really bad picture of the completed top with the border. Also, our newly assembled playset! (Yay if you have followed my monthly to – do lists for the last 6 months!) I also meant to take up close shots of the pictures so that you could see the alphabet representation, but I forgot and we have had tons and tons of rain. Maybe once I am done.

I have had to set this aside now to focus on getting the things done that I need to have mailed out before we leave on our trip. My SIL is in labor as I type this. Oh well. I will finish it quickly when I get back and have these sent to the boys asap.

One of the things I am working on is my last mystery border block. I don’t feel bad showing a few spoiler pictures since this is going back to the owner this week anyway.

IMG_1114 IMG_1115

Those are my first ever geese! I had started on these, then stumbled on the perfect fabric in the perfect color and design the next day. Ugh. I didn’t want to remake everything I had done – and didn’t have enough of the new fabric anyway (It was a fat quarter pack), so I am mixing a little of both in. I am still assembling the rows. But trying to get this done! I hope it turns out cute. I am excited for the reveals. It is neat just looking at my before and after pics, so I can’t wait to see the total evolution of all the blocks.

I can't get anything done -

I can’t get anything done –

I keep trying to tell him he isn’t big enough yet, but he is totally obsessed with (the buttons on) my sewing machine. He keeps unraveling my thread and changing my settings.

Donation #3

Donation #3

I got my hair cut this weekend! This is my third donation to locks of love. I hate my hair, so if it can make someone else happy then I am glad. My signature butt-length hair will be back before I know it, and I will do it again. That’s about two years growth there. It grows super fast, which is why I am never concerned no matter how many times the stylist asks if I am SURE I don’t care how short she cuts it. 🙂 At least this time I went to a real salon and attempted to have some sort of actual skillful cut done. It is cute. We will see how I like it. It sure takes less time to wash and brush now.

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6 responses to “WIP Weds – Polaroid top

  1. Ashley says:

    laurel! this looks great, lady. i’m just waiting for a baby to make this using your measurements! now i need to start collecting cool fabrics. love!

  2. mumziepooh says:

    Cute! Great way to use some fun scraps!

  3. Kim says:

    I know how you feel about the baby quilt being so tiny… you want them to be able to grow with it! And basically use it forever! It looks great; that will be one lucky kid.
    And congrats on the donation. I have donated once before, but I get restless. I like to keep my hair below my shoulders at all times, so waiting for it to reach my butt – it gets super annoying. CHOP CHOP CHOP!

  4. Celine says:

    lovely top! well done

  5. The polaroid jumbo sized is so cute – I’ve only seen them bitty. Good job with the locks of love donation. I’ve only grown mine long enough to do it once, three is impressive.

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