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Wip Wednesday

on May 15, 2013

It has taken me the entire day to get this post finished. I finished my tumbler quilt late last night. Confession: This is my first completed quilt of any substantial size. I have done small quilts, and quilted other items (bags and stuff) in the past, but not a full quilt.


Doing the finishing touches has allowed me to appreciate how far I have come with piecing. The difficulties, challenges and mistakes of quilting and binding make me feel like a fraud in a way that piecing hasn’t for some time. I guess there is truth in the benefits of practice. I just need to practice more finishing I guess to get more comfortable.

A look at the quilting

A look at the quilting

With that said, I am still relatively pleased. This is to be a gift for my 7 year old nephew who will become a big brother this summer. When I get back home I will be kicking butt to make the baby’s as well, and then send them off. The finished quilt is approx. 45×66. I made it from 6.5″ charms from my “boys only” Ispy swap group, along with a few from other swaps from the same group. I quilted it with straight lines on either side of each seam using my walking foot on my machine.

more closeups

more closeups

oopsie when quilting. I sewed the excess back into the quilt line.

oopsie when quilting. I sewed the excess back into the quilt line.



Errors in the back

Errors in the back

This is my biggest problem I think. When I quilted the straight line seams, I caught ripples in the back. I did rip some out and redo them, but it kept happening. I finally gave up and left it. When I did the zig zag lines, I was very mindful and careful, and I think I only caught one ripple in all of those. It isn’t glaringly obvious in the finished quilt, but is noticeable.

I chose to bind in the same fabric as the back. Initially, I wasn’t sure I would even bind it while I am here, or if I would have enough backing fabric to do so. I had just enough, and decided the top and back were each busy enough that continuing the backing fabric into the binding made the most sense.


I had a bit of a mishap sewing on the binding. It was all going well til I found I didn’t catch both sides in the seam in one part. Had to fix that.


I did machine binding following this tutorial, which I have used in the past. My seam is a bit meandering, and you can see above the one place I did catch the top binding.


This is the one spot in the back that I missed.


But at least my corners look good!

I spent the day out side with my family today. Unsure where I will go from here. I think possibly my BBP backing, but I am making some decisions about the top (which was featured on freshly pieced!)  and may just take a couple days off. I still can’t stomach the ribbon border for some reason. =D

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6 responses to “Wip Wednesday

  1. Julie says:

    I like it and totally understand the errors. How did you baste it? Just pins? Spray? I find I have a much easier time keeping the back smooth when I spray baste. I’ve become a bit obsessed with it and always have an extra can or two on hand just in case.

  2. Ashley says:

    Congrats on the tumbler quilt. I really love this one, and I feel ya on the puckers. Mine are usually on the front and it makes me want to try spray basting. Also. Your corners are rocking!!! I hope mine look that good 🙂

  3. JB says:

    I’m very new to quilting and had a go at basting with pins, but soon came across the same problems. I made a complete mess of it! I do feel like it must be cheating somehow, but I love the spray basting method. It kept my quilt top really smooth and has encouraged me to try bigger projects. I love your guitar fabric!

  4. cloudcoucou says:

    Love the quilt! I totally understand your frustration with the wrinkles, I’m kind of dreading basting and quilting the bloom bloom pow as I chose the throw size and think it might be a bit beyond me!

  5. The tumbler is really fun. I catch the back now and then also. Corners look great.

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