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WIP Wednesday

on May 1, 2013

So I am currently in Florida with my parents and the baby.

My view :D

My view 😀

Initially, I didn’t think I was going to be able to bring my machine with me, and I wasn’t sure I’d have time to sew if I did. But I managed to be very selective in the projects I brought and fit the machine and a duffel of fabric in the car. I’ve been sewing at night after the baby goes to bed and today it is raining so I should be able to get some time in. Here is what I brought:

  • Bento top to be bordered
  • Tumbler top and backing – to make the back, and baste and quilt it.
  • Ribbon top to be bordered
  • Ribbon back to be made
  • Bloom bloom pow top and back
  • scraps

I decided to start with my bento top since I thought that would be the quickest and easiest to cross off the list. Even so, it was not without its challenges. Mostly because of my stupidity.

Strip piecing the border

Strip piecing the border

Holes in the sashing. Ripped that out and replaced it.

Holes in the sashing. Ripped that out and replaced it.

Sewed sashing on upside down. Ripped that out and fixed it.

Sewed sashing on upside down. Ripped that out and fixed it.

finished top!

finished top!

IMG_2245 IMG_2244

And, of course, the errors:

IMG_2250 IMG_2249 IMG_2248

These are the sort of things that will drive me insane. But I guess not enough to rip out everything I have done and fix them. Oh well. I am not sure the corner one could have been avoided, but maybe if I had been paying more attention and tried. The double white was from sewing two strips end to end and I didn’t pay attention.

The other one I have been working on is my bloom bloom pow QAL. After checking many stores for a 60 degree triangle, I finally just ordered online and had it sent to me here. It arrived yesterday. I don’t know why they are so difficult to find. I started cutting my triangles while watching tv last night. I got about halfway through. I am going to get back to work on it once I am done here.


I have also made some tough decisions. My 3×6 bee started a new quarter today. I did not sign up this round. I am going to be away a lot over the next few months, and I have already been feeling that it takes away from my own sewing goals. I just want to be able to focus on what I want to work on during the time I have. I have passed up some other opportunities for the same reasons. Shipping has been getting expensive too.

There’s one more WIP going on… When I arrived back from Stash Bash, I happened to notice a large section of the underside of our roof had collapsed. It was in an area of our house we don’t see often, so who knows how long it has been like that. We have critters getting into the attic. And upon further inspection, they are chewing holes in the trim in other areas of our house. We had the repair people out… Part of the issue is that there is apparently NO paint on our house, when it was done it was done wrong, and our wood trim is rotting. That’s allowing the animals to get in and make things worse. So, in addition to repairing the damage, we have to have the entire house painted. Now, we have been talking about getting the house painted for about a year. We knew it needed it, but we thought it was purely cosmetic. Something to make our house hold its own as the only wood home in a subdivision of brick. But it was a lot of money to spend on something cosmetic, and other more necessary things kept coming up. And, honestly, if I were going to do cosmetic work on the house, I can think of several other things that rate more highly for me. I have such a love-hate relationship with my house. The money pit. Oh well. Now it is a necessity. With everything going on lately, our savings is pretty much shot now. We have to get really strict with our spending, and I am considering a part time job.

Anyway, we figured as long as we had to paint it, maybe we should take advantage of it.

Here is my house now

Here is my house now

testing paint colors

testing paint colors


And here is what it will look like. You know, paint wise. We aren't ripping the whole house down and rebuilding, as much as it might need it. :D

And here is what it will look like. You know, paint wise. We aren’t ripping the whole house down and rebuilding, as much as it might need it. 😀


Work is starting right now, and my house will look completely different when I come home. As distressed as I am about money, it is exciting to get this done.


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14 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Mindy C says:

    I’m so glad other people do things like sew in the sashing upside down. It makes me feel like less of a novice! Your quilt top is sunny and warm and wonderful!

    • laurelar says:

      Thanks so much. I do all kinds of crazy things – then tell all about them! I consider it full disclosure. 😉 No one is perfect, but I tell about it.

  2. Jane says:

    Your quilt looks great; so cheerful and fun! And about the sashing, i just had to rip off one and a half border strips for the same reason you did!

  3. I just love this quilt!! right from the pattern, color….wonderful

  4. Beautiful quilt! I love the pictures of it on the beach!

  5. Melanie says:

    The top is so pretty! I love brights and white.

  6. primal quilting says:

    Sorry to hear about your house, that is too bad. We’re having our house built at the moment, so we are also pinching our pennies and trying to double our savings so we don’t feel like we will lose too much at closing. Lots of things to budget for (like a lawnmower) since it is our first house. Love your paint color choice, that will be beautiful with the white trim.

    I love your quilt! It is beautiful with the beach behind it. I wouldn’t mind seeing that right now but I’m in the middle of Texas and for some reason it was 39 degrees this morning. Yesterday the high was 50!

    I don’t think your mistakes are too noticeable. It is funny how we can be so hard on ourselves when we mess up, but it seems everyone either doesn’t notice the error or thinks its on purpose! It has an “artistic” look to it lol.

    • laurelar says:

      Congrats on your house. You are doing it the smart way. We were pretty dumb when we started out, but had smartened up and built up a good savings. However, between dental emergencies, family emergencies and house emergencies, me not working, plus grad school…. it’s almost gone now 😥 Oh well… we are trying to figure it out. This has been a very costly upkeep.

      Thank you so much for your other kind words too.

  7. Michele says:

    The quilt looks gorgeous. Congrats on finishing the top. The new paint job will look terrific once it is done.

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