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Stash Bash, part 2

on April 19, 2013

The amazing thing about stash bash was that I left with a lot more than I came with… Let’s take a peek at some of the swag, winnings, and stuff!


Here is my swag and some of my winnings… We got a canvas tote stuffed with neat and useful things, including our stash bash cup, a scrap catcher (in my favorite color – and I almost bought one of these not too long ago – great gift!), some comic boards, a large binder clip, a pad of graph paper, the makings for a zippered pouch from Amanda, truecut adhesive rings, Fat Quarter shop coupon, Art Gallery fabric, Our Epoch fabric, fabric and tape measure from Stash Modern Fabric.

The darling bag was from our pouch trade. It is so well made and like a little clutch purse. And filled with candy! I never did find out who got my pouch. I won a bags, pillows and pincushions magazine and Ruby Star Wrapping book in giveaways.


Oliso irons were also a great sponsor! They provided irons for us to use. This is a really cool iron. It lifts and sets down with your touch. It took some getting used to to not set it upright, but now I have gotten so used to it, I am forgetting to stand my home iron! The coolest part is the little side filling reservoir for water. It has a spout with a channel, and you can pour it right in without spilling. This is a real change from my little sunbeam I’ve had since college. I was hoping to take advantage of their offer to us, but then I came home to a huge roof mess and that on top of some other family emergencies this month…. we will not be spending any money for a while. 😦

Our leader, Chris, made the awesome pressing boards. That’s on my to-do list for the summer. I think it’ll work great on my new dedicated cutting and pressing table.


We took a field trip Saturday to the largest quilt store in the state. When I was there for shop hop, I wanted to pick up this Tula Pink dandelion print and the grey DS seeds, both of which are difficult to find online now, but didn’t so I knew I would be getting those (I could find them “cheaper” online, but with shipping and all that….). They also had the green seeds so I picked those up as well. I have a little bit, but wasn’t sure how much and while I am not a FMF fan, I love these seed prints and wish I could have gotten more. They had the Wrenly stripes on sale, and I love Wrenly, but don’t have the stripes, so I grabbed those as well. The darling love birds were in their “yard sale” (cute!) bin and I took the remnants too. They still had their shop hop strips available, so I got those as well. I think I have 5/10 now, even though I only got two during shop hop. We also got a little goody bag and coupon for being there with Stash Bash.


I did quite a bit of shopping with Beth of Stash Modern Fabrics. She was our onsite vendor, and boy did we descend on her like a pack of wolves when she got there. I wasn’t quick enough to grab some of the things I wanted, but she is local, so I will be shopping with her a lot now! All the Kingdom prints on the right I had preordered. Several of them were possibilities for my Bloom Bloom Pow (I was having a terrible time finding “lights”) and then I decided I just needed the whole collection. She brought a lot of fat quarters to sell at SB, so I got some Tula Pink and Color Me Retro (I am going to need that whole collection too). She offered some fabric for giveaway, and I selected the Sarah Jane prints. (Love the balloons. That has been on my list for a long time. So has out to sea). And, the pink one I don’t even know what it is. I needed it for a project I worked on at SB which I will show off in my next post.


We played a fun game Saturday night, which was basically gambling with fabric, based on a game called LCR. We started with 6 FQ, contributed 3 to the pot, and this is what I ended up with (plus one of my own, which I didn’t include in the picture). A couple of these were actually donations after the game from people who didn’t want them, or had brought them and ended up with them. I was all about those strawberry stripes, and I have no idea what I will do with them now. There were many many cute things that passed through my hands before I ended up with this. I brought extras, hoping we would play again, but we didn’t get to.


2 responses to “Stash Bash, part 2

  1. You really came back with a lot of nice things…wow! Do they have this retreat every year? I will need to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

    • laurelar says:

      This was the first year, but there are plans to make it annual. Preliminary dates for next year are end of April. I had a great time and am excited to plan for next year again! I am sure I will update here when announcements are made. 😀

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