Drowning in Fabric

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on April 10, 2013

So with my machine and the bulk of my projects packed up, I finally picked up the large bag full of fabrics and embroidery hoops I still needed to assemble for my son’s nursery. It helped that I was taking the opportunity to try to pick up my sewing room and this was a huge need-to-be-dealt-with eyesore in the middle of the room. So I spent some time cutting the fabrics, then later we went outside to sit in the pollen snow. The baby had lunch and ran around (as we do everyday) and I sat on the laminated picnic blanket and put them together. Then I couldn’t take the pollen exposure, plus the heat, any longer and we went inside to hang them up. I am not certain this is final placement. In fact, I am almost positive they will get rearranged, but I wanted to get them put up finally! It feels so good to finally have them done.

IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0710

One response to “Finished!

  1. primal quilting says:

    Aw so cute! What a great idea!

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