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April Goals

on April 1, 2013


  1. Finish ribbon chevron top – border. Back?
  2. Complete Ispy tops and backs for nephews.
  3. Bento Box top
  4. Pick fabrics and follow along for bloom bloom pow.
  5. Finish and hang the fabric hoops for the kidlet’s room.
  6. Finish cleaning and reorganizing sewing room
  7. Plot and sew rainbow twister quilt. And start twisting, if I get that far
  8. Finish last 3×6 block, April mystery border, send all.
  9. Go to Stash Bash!!
  10. Make any things that need to be made for stash bash. (I am seriously lacking in information)
  11. Pick off a few things for the city craft pinterest challenge

Swaps –

  • waiting on abc blocks
  • waiting on tula pink rounds 3,4,5
  • Send back polka dots
  • send back Lizzy House jewels
  • send back ocean i spy
  • send back jar i spy
  • open April f8 swap


  1. Finish office bookshelves
  2. Work on garage on weekends with hubs
  3. Get the baby’s swingset installed!!! (why did I list this under cleaning?)
  4. Closet
  5. Hang photos
  • Weight loss
  • smoothie diet
  • I have a lot of dr appts to make.
  • Read read read!
  • Green focus on the bathroom
  • Cleaning focus on guest bedroom

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One response to “April Goals

  1. Good luck on your April list! and thank you so much for linking up and including a shout out for the Monthly To Do List Linky Party. 🙂

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