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Sewing table finally assembled!

on March 24, 2013

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So, I am trying out bloglovin. My husband is going with feedly, but all the crafty people seem to be using bloglovin, so that is the one I am testing for now. You have to add this to your blog in order to claim it. Anyway, there are things I like and things I don’t. But, considering I didn’t even know what a reader was 3 months ago and that I am not good with change…. for all I know, google had the same features I like about bloglovin and I just didn’t know it.

So, onto good change –

The sewing table is assembled and in place. This was my holiday gift this year from my parents, and my husband has been puttering at it for about a month and finally got it put together.


I am really excited. I got to sew SITTING DOWN! I have never done that before. The table I was using for my sewing table is about chest high and not something I could sit at, so I have always sewn standing. This table seems so petite in comparison. It has good storage. The tops fold out to create a work surface and the machine can hide inside when I need to tidy up.


The lift has three positions. All the way down, all the way up, and how I have it in the photo. There is an acrylic insert I need to order which will fit my machine and cover the gap. If I had ordered it back when I meant to, it would be here by now. It takes 6 weeks or so. But I worked on it today like this, and it went fine. I don’t like that the needle is off to the left of where I sit rather than directly in front of me, as I have been using it. Also, it is a totally different perspective sewing from in front rather than above. I guess I will get used to all that. Right now I am using a kitchen chair, but I hope to get a small comfortable office chair to use in the future. Hopefully I will be able to handle sewing for longer periods of time being more comfortable sitting and in a cushy chair.  One thing about having this vantage point of my machine – I realized for the first time today I have a needle down setting! I am so embarrassed I never noticed that before. There are only a handful of times so far that would have been really useful – like when I was making a lot of doll clothes or turn and topstitching things but it would have been nice to use. Now I know!

This is a new orientation for me too. I had my old table (Which was much bigger) perpendicular to the window, so that I could see my tv. However, I usually pause my tv when I am sewing (Can’t hear over the machine) and really watch when cutting and pressing. I tried it today. It didn’t bother me as much as I expected. I may end up moving again, but for now this is how I am sitting. What you can’t see is to the right I have a huge baby gate around my fabric shelves to keep the baby out. It limits my space there and I have hurt myself several time and even fallen over it. I really want to get rid of it. At least turned this way, the gate is only dangerous when I am trying to get to my fabric.


Please excuse the mess. At least some of it is due to moving and rearranging the furniture. LOL. On the left you can see what I used to use. See how giant it looks compared to the new table? I am not sure I am happy with it there because of how big it looks, but it is growing on me. It does cut off a lot of access to what I use as my design wall, though. I can barely reach it across the table, and I lose all the lower area. (I had to clear it for the photo because the mystery border project was up – that’s what I am working on right now). I am using it as a devoted cutting table now, and even have my accuquilt set up and my postage scale. I love having a whole table for cutting! I used to have to use that table for everything (I only ever used one of the extensions) and it got so cluttered and I would have to just move things around all the time to make space for whatever I was trying to do – sew, press, cut, store, fold… It is a real experience sewing without a stack of fabric piled up right against the back of the machine clogging up my chain sewing. What were we saying about bad habits? 😀 I thought I was going to use the “cutting table” for a pressing table too, but today as I was working I moved the iron and my small press board over to the sewing table extension, and that way I was able to stay seated between sewing and pressing! I only got up when I needed to square. How neat and convenient! And I could even do that at the sewing table if I wanted to, too. I have the ironing board put away for now (it used to live where the new cutting table is now) and hopefully will only need it when I need to iron yardage now.

I am looking forward to many more comfortable – and hopefully more organized – sewing years now.


2 responses to “Sewing table finally assembled!

  1. Cathy says:

    Love your adorable new sewing table. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get it and how much?

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