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Shop hop, part 2

on March 16, 2013

Today I set out after putting the baby down for a nap, around 11:30 or 12. I started with the most southern shop. As I asked Siri how to get there, her answer was “I found a place that matches. It is a long way from you.” So even she realizes how crazy it is to go to these places! A long way to Siri is, apparently, 45 minutes. I probably would have gotten there in a little less time, as I was cruising nicely at 70 or 75…. til I hit my first bout of construction traffic, about 5 miles from the exit. Then we were creeping along at 20 miles or so. I was stressing that this was not the way to start the day. I had a long day with a lot of travel ahead. The return traffic was completely stopped and not moving at all. Suddenly, just before the exit, everyone started moving again (on my side, not the opposite). I saw no construction or other reason for the traffic to have stopped. How annoying.


A billboard on the highway promised this was the largest quilt shop in the state! That was exciting. I was eager to see it.


This whole building was the shop.

This place was amazing. And overwhelming. I spent almost an hour just looking around and talking to the workers. I could have spent a fortune here, but managed to escape without buying anything. But I have filed away a lot of the stuff they have here for if I should need it later.

The shop quilt

The shop quilt

IMG_0589 IMG_0588 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0594 IMG_0595

Lookie what I found:


Unfortunately, they only had Salt Water and Prince Charming. But there are a few prints there I may go back for. I spent some time trying to decide if I should get them, but they were full priced and not cheap. The goody bag for this shop included a tape measure, coupons, and the pattern,

My other fascination in this shop were their long arms:

IMG_0586 IMG_0585

Unfortunately, they do not give classes or rent time. When I inquired, I was told that they give a class to everyone who buys a machine. Well… I’d kind of like to know how to use it and if I like it before I go spending tens of thousands and devoting a lot of space to a machine, y’know? But they do provide longarm servixe, which is really good to know. It seems in line with, or cheaper than, other places I have priced, but without the expense and risk of shipping. Their turn around is 7-10 days. All good to know. If I could just get past my hangup with having other people do my quilting for me… but good to know about in a bind and I am sure I will use their services at some point.

I asked for a non-traffic-highway way to get to the next shop and discovered they had printed directions and everything! I still double checked with Siri (I like to see where I am on the route) and headed out to the next place. It was after two by this point. The drive was getting hot and the sun was beating down on me. And even though I was trying to avoid the highway, I was still in a lot of traffic for about half the way. Then, suddenly, everything opened up and the rest of the drive was a breeze.

This next shop was kind of in the last place I would expect to find a quilt shop. That’s all I am going to say about that. It was in a little strip mall. I actually drove by it and had to turn around. Inside, it was cute. Small. Lots of novelty and batik.

IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0599

Their theme was pirate and they did a cute job with it. The also had water and gold coins available for free, and other goodies for purchase. I was excited to get the water after several hours in the hot car already.

Some of the pirate theme

Some of the pirate theme

Shop quilt

Shop quilt

They also had a long arm. They also do not do classes or rent. Their turn around is closer to 6 weeks. Nuff said.


I also took pictures of their jar quilt since we have a jar swap coming up. It kept falling while I was trying to take the picture. I also didn’t purchase anything here (go me!) even though I need some stuff for the jar swap and they had some good options. The bag for this shop was the pattern and coupons.


The next shop was the furthest away and really in the middle of nowhere. Traffic wasn’t as bad, but it was far and the directions were not good. They told me to turn onto a road that didn’t exist. And Siri had no idea what I was trying to find. So I finally pulled over and called the shop. They gave me convoluted directions that were at least good enough to get me the rest of the way there. This one was also in a strip mall.

IMG_0608 IMG_0607 IMG_0606 IMG_0605 IMG_0604

This was a nice shop, but I didn’t spend a ton of time here. I was really stressing as now it was 4:00, I’d been at it for over four hours, and I still intended to get to three shops. They closed at 7. So I tried to get in and out of this one quickly, especially as it is the furthest and most difficult to get to, I figured I would not be a frequent shopper here.  I did win a door prize here, a goodie bag with an applique book and a pattern. Other than that, they handed out their pattern for their quilt block, which I did not get a picture of. At this point, my phone was full and I had to spend some time deleting pictures, and I guess didn’t realize it didn’t take a picture of the block because it was full. It is a log cabin.


Will she complete her quest??? Will she buy the shop hop fabric?  Find out in part three, coming soon!!


3 responses to “Shop hop, part 2

  1. Michele says:

    There are definitely some goodies that I would have had to bring home with me. I’m enjoying seeing your shop hop and will be interested to see if you complete your quest.

  2. Great pics! Thanks for posting such great pics of The Hop. I see you got a pic of my black and white diamond quilt that is displayed at A Scarlet Thread! I had knee replacement surgery on Thursday and was discharged from the hospital yesterday so I’m unable to attend Shop Hop this year….a real bummer. I able to enjoy it through you pics…Thanks for posting!!!

    • laurelar says:

      I posted on your blog to ask if that was yours!! I thought it was!! That is SOOOOO awesome that it was displayed!!! It was gorgeous, and now I want to go back and look even more closely! You are going to have to tell me how you got in on that… you know, for next year. 😉 I really love that quilt!

      I am so sorry you had to miss it. It was certainly an adventure. And how disappointing to miss seeing your own quilt. 😦 I am glad you saw my picture. Get better soon!

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