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Sew Thinky Thursday

on March 14, 2013

Today’s is an easy one that I can put up quickly between cleaning marathons (just finished wiping down the den walls, baseboards, mantles, fan, and fireplace).

Bad sewing habits. Do you have them? Share with us, what are your worst habits when it comes to sewing?

My worst habit: I am a pin whore. I pin the crap out of everything. And then, YES, I do sew straight over my pins! I have only broken one needle by doing this. I am convinced I can’t match up seams or that my fabric will drift otherwise. And by matching up seams, I mean I put THREE pins per seam: One in the stitch line, and one to each side, to hold the seam allowance where it belongs. I’ll have to take a picture sometime.

I can never find any of my tools. This is because I am a total slob and have things piled up on my ironing board, my sewing table, the floor, my tv stand…. and to do anything, I have to shift piles around to access those areas. I am trying to reorganize my sewing room so that this stops happening, and if my sewing table ever gets put together, that will help a lot too, because then what I am using now can become a devoted cutting and ironing table. But I also have a huge gate up around all of my fabric cubbies because otherwise the baby goes and pulls everything down off the shelves. So, instead of putting things back where they belong, they end up piled on the floor in front of and behind the gate. I am not sure that is really an improvement…. I am hoping to try taking the gate down soon and seeing how it goes. Once the downstairs is cleaned and the table is put together.

Confession: I’ve never actually had my machine serviced. I’ve had it 4 or 5 years. I only used it intermittently until recently. It needs it though. I’ve got some weird tension things going on, and the thing with the machine eating my triangle corners.

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2 responses to “Sew Thinky Thursday

  1. Emily says:

    I love that your “worst habit” is over pinning! I’m an anti pinner so that makes me smile. 🙂
    I can understand the tools everywhere feeling. My tools now have designated spaces only because my daughter got curious one day and used a sharpie all over lots of things… I keep my rotary cutters WAY up high because now as a four year old she is even more curious!
    Thanks for linking up this week!

    • laurelar says:

      I know I am weird and most people seem to hate pins! But I don’t know how they get perfect points and keep fabric from straying and all that. But I think the bad habit is really that I pin the wrong direction and sew over them.
      My baby is just starting to get big enough to reach everything. A whole new level of challenge. I do have a pail on a hook for my tools, and hooks for my rulers, but they rarely get put there unless I am specifically doing a room cleanup. They otherwise are all over the place. I still can’t find my big seam ripper. I am going to have to go get a few more next sale.

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